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April 22, 2006, 12:26 PM
The team doesn’t really know how close they came to causing a major upset : Dav Whatmore

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At the end of the Chittagong Test, Bangladesh coach Dav Whatmore, skipper Habibul Bashar and Australia’s captain Ricky Ponting reflected on the series. Here are excerpts from the respective team media briefings.
Dav Whatmore:
(His views on the series)
The team doesn’t really know how close they came to causing a major, major upset. The batting sometimes remain an area of concern. It was a total contrast between the first and second innings’ of the Test matches. The first innings in Dhaka was good, the second innings not so good. Here the first innings was not good but the second innings was better. So we need to be a bit more consistent in getting those runs.
(Whether inexperience or being a young side were the reasons for not cashing in on chances)
It’s a combination of reasons I think. We need a little bit of consistency if we want to do better. We have got the potential to bowl sides out in these conditions and win matches.
Habibul Bashar:
(On what have been the positives and negatives from the series)
The self belief. We feel now that we can push any team in the world. We are showing improvement which is most important. As Dav has said, we have to be more consistent with our batting, but we have improved.
There have been some positives. Shahriar Nafees’ batting, Rafique’s bowling and batting. But I am not satisfied with the performances of a couple of guys. We need not just one batsman to score the runs but one or two around him should do a job too. I also think we need someone to support Rafique when he is not taking wickets, someone who can cover for him.
(Whether he expected Shahriar Nafees to score most runs in the series and Jason Gillespie to make a double hundred)
Surely I did expect Shahriar Nafees to score a lot of runs, if not the highest in the series. He has been in good form. Gillespie’s was a surprise. Who would have thought a nightwatchman would get a double hundred but he batted extremely well.
(On the lessons learnt)
We have seen how someone in their team inevitably contributes when needed. Our tail can learn a great deal from Jason Gillespie. Not only his double century, he was also involved in a big partnership with Adam Gilchrist in the first Test when they were in a corner and Brett Lee also took the game away from us with his batting in the second innings. The bottom line is we all need to work a bit more harder.
(On why the Bangladeshi bowlers struggled in this Test)
The wicket was too flat. There was no turn for us. They had two wrist spinners and they could spin the ball on any surface. For us it was difficult because our spinners are finger spinners.
(Whether his side can beat Australia in the ODI series)
We have a better record in one day cricket. It will be difficult but not impossible to beat Australia. We can do it. We have the capacity to win a match against the world champions.
(On what changed after the first Test)
After the first Test we all felt that we needed to be a lot better in a number of areas. I think we came here a lot fresher. I said to the boys before the game started that I thought we can win this Test by an innings. It was a goal if you like for the team to try and achieve. They managed to do that and that was a great effort.
(On the bizarreness of this Test)
Dizzy making 200. That was the only amazing thing that happened.
(On the pitch)
It was about time that we got that sort of total against that sort of opposition. The wicket was great and there were no excuses if you were a batsman and you got out on that wicket against that attack. As Jason showed, if you apply yourself and you are willing to stick it out for long periods of time, you are going to make runs.
(His impressions on Bangladesh)
I think like we all have said, they played very well in the first Test and caught us on the hop there. I know we were nowhere near our best or even ready to play a Test match when that day came around. I kept my record up with the toss and lost, two tosses here in a row, which meant that we had to get out there and bowl. If we were able to bat first in Dhaka then it might have been a different story but that’s how the game goes.
Bangladesh have played well, there’s no doubt about that. They have improved dramatically since I last played them. What I would like to see though is how they do in our condition. We have played them in their conditions here on wickets that just don’t bounce at all and there’s not much pace in them. If they are to become a force in world cricket then they have stand up and do the job in other conditions around the world.

April 22, 2006, 12:31 PM
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We’ll go with the inspiration from the first Test

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Bangladesh skipper Habibul Bashar and coach Dav Whatmore spoke to the media about the coming three-match one-day series against Australia after the Tigers’ practice session at Chittagong’s Bir Shrestha Shahid Ruhul Amin Stadium today (Saturday) morning. Excerpts from that question/answer session are as follows. The first ODI will be held here tomorrow.
Habibul Bashar
(Whether winning a game was a realistic possibility)
Why not? We have a better record in one day cricket and on top of that we’ve had a pretty good Test series against Australia. So we are going out there in a positive frame of mind and we expect to do something good.
(On the team’s top-order batting)
In the past we have suffered for not getting too many runs from the top order. But recently, we have seen that the batsmen are scoring more frequently and that is a very good sign because if you don’t have runs at the top of the order then you don’t finish with a good score. Still some of the batsmen have not managed runs in the Test series but I expect them to come good in the ODIs.
(On why the side’s Test results have not matched its one-day form)
I admit that we have not been consistent enough. But at the same time, you have to acknowledge the fact that we are playing better Test cricket compared to how we had fared in the past. We are still not there where we want to be but we have reduced the gap, no question about it. Unfortunately, we don’t have another Test series before 12 months but if there were some matches then I’m sure that you would have seen a definite improvement as we have just started playing some very good cricket.
(Whether the team would choose to take inspiration from the Fatullah Test or from the victory over Australia in Cardiff)
We’ll go with the inspiration from the first Test. The Cardiff game however will remind us that in a one-day match the team that plays better on the day wins and that is applicable everywhere even if Australia are the world’s number one team and are clearly superior to other sides.
(On the prospect of Australia coming hard at them)
Definitely they’ll come hard at us. That is how they play. But we are not concentrating on what they are going to do. It is important for us to execute our plans to the best of our ability and that is what we are focusing on.
(On strategies to contain a side that had made 434 in 50 overs not so long ago)
We like to keep our plans simple. We are not going to try anything radical. We want to stick to the basics.
Dav Whatmore
(On a projected winning score on this track)
We all think that we’re experts on wickets but often most of us are wrong. But I think we need to wait and see, that is what we always tell the players. We have a little look at how it’s playing and then gauge what is a winning score. I think most teams do that. You can project a little bit but once the game starts, if you are thinking in the right way and see how it’s behaving, then you can try and project a score but at the moment it’s all too early to say.
(On what the showing in the Tests will do for team spirit)
I think we all agree that overall there have been some really good positives and we earned a fair bit of credit without winning a Test match. We have played many where we haven’t had any credit at all but I think in this series the players at times stood up and were counted for against a very good opposition. So, yes, we’ve taken some confidence from that series.