View Full Version : How much thought is given...?

April 22, 2006, 12:35 PM
It is natural for us fans to be frustrated on the inconsistent performance of our batsman. Ashraful, Aftab, Rajin, Kapali have been the causes of our frustration because of thier inconsistency or poor performances. And it can also be taken for granted that when Shahriar Nafees loses his current touch (one can say that he is in-form), he would face the same axe.

However, how much thought is given to the performance by age factor. Most of the batsman, on whom we have frustration are young to say the least. Whether it is Ashraful/Aftab or any other none of them are all either 21 or under 21. And to expect out and out consistency at that age to a certain may be unfair on them. Just have a look at young players from other countries, Australia's M.Clarke, India's Y.Singh and M.Kaif, Pakistan's Salman Butt, England's Ian Bell. They are all supposed to be the players for the future. But how many of them are consisent. Moreover, they have more first class experince than what our batsman, whereas most of our batsman have ben gaining first class playing test match cricket..They are players who are 2/3 years elder than our batsman (except probably Salman and Ian Bell). Not only them, I really don't find anyone who is consistent at the international level who is consistent at such a young age.

Is their really anyone currently playing test cricket who is 21 or below 21 and is the senior batsman of a team and expected to be consistent. Then why should consistenly good scores from our in comparison much younger batsman. Why are they at such a big fault?

Yes they are at fault. Their main fault is that they haven't played first class cricket before coming to test cricket. Their fault is that instead of being the one learning watching and playing around all the other senior batsman, they have to perform the role of senior batsman.

A young player of other teams have the facilty of playing around senior players, learning the game, not having that much pressure and responsability, while younger players of our team without first class experince have to come into the team and take up the responabilty of being senior batsman and are expected to play like 30 year olds rather than 19/20/21. Now, will I be wrong if I show sympathy towards them.