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April 22, 2006, 06:48 PM
1. Please don't close this thread!
2. Redirect it to the right fourm if possible!

Well, since Ary showing the ODI tomorrow I decided to get in the "mood"!
So I am redirecting my post from www.planetcricket.com (http://www.planetcricket.com) here!

Also if you have screenshots from your achievements with Bangladesh on any type of cricket game, post it please!

Well, first of all.
I installed C2005 again today and bowled 50 overs against Windies in a test match they making 50 runs and me not getting a wicket! The game is booring.. So what I did was that I made a scenery!
I chosed India -VS- Bangla!
Autoplay, India making 254!
I autoplayed Bangladesh to 35 over, when they were 135/5!
So target 255!!
Ashraful 12*
Khaled Mahmud 4*

I started to hit a couple of fours & the run rate go from 3 to 7..
Then when it was like 8-4 overs left the RRR was 13!!
So I took a risk and hit a couple of sixers!
Especially two overs (17) & (20) Helped me!
And cracking innigns from the both batsman, got out in the last over!
So 6 needed of last over or something, Rajin & Ashraful get's out! =O
6 from 4, strike given to Mashrafeeeeeeeeeee BANG!!!
And the Bangladeshi"Afridi" finished the game in style!





Maybe it does not look so very good here, but think that you are 130-4 after 35 overs, and your target is 255. When there are 5 overs left the RRR is 14!! When there are two overs left, it is 5.5!!

And now, a bonus screen!
It will happen tomorrow InshAllah!


Good night, and good luck Tigers against the Aussiesanians! =)
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April 22, 2006, 06:54 PM
Ashraful hoggs the strike to much in your stick cricket. Plus it took you 12 overs to beat Australia normally it should take 10 overs.

P.S: keep playing Stick Cricket

April 23, 2006, 05:43 AM

wth?? =/