View Full Version : Is this the right attitude?

April 23, 2006, 11:12 AM
(I apologize for what I may say, before hand)

For all this years when ever the Bangladeshi top order would collapse and in so many other occasions, there was one man who would stand tall between a shamefull/dismal performance to a modest/respectable performance. For all this years his name has always been taken as a massive contributor and a loyal servant of Bangladesh cricket. He is Khaled Mashud.

We have always known that he is not a purist when it comes to his batting, but have always supported him. How many times the team has been in situations where they are 5 down for less than hundred and he strides onto the crease and with his batting adds respectability to the score. How many times our side has depended on his batting and we fans pray that he plays well. I even have seen that when the team would perform dismally, we would never fall short of complimenting his batting and that he is the most dependable batsman of the side.

Today when he is struggling for form and Bangladesh batting doing well (due finding other dependable batsman like Rajin Saleh, Shahriar Nafees and specially the very tempting Mushfiqur Rahim) without major contributions from him we have all started to say that he must be left out of the side. That he is not a wicketkeeper batsman. That we need to draft in Mushfiq.

Agreed that he is not a wicke keeper batsman, agreed that Bangladeshi line up is stronger than ever, agreed that we have a wicket keeper batsman now in our reserves, but I don't agree that any true/honest/sensible and thankfull fan would say that he shouldn't be in the side. I think we fans are acting very selfish and a lot like the indian fans in saying that " OK, thank you for what u have done for all this years, we really appreciatted your efforts but now we need to move, thus u need to go"

We are doing this because we have got someone like Mushfiqur Rahman in our reserves now. Otherwise we would not have dared to do something like this. What if the selecters do this. What if they replace Mashud and bring Mushfiq. Then Musfiq fails (at his age he is bound to) and we need someone else. Then what do we do.

And overall he is just out of form and not scoring runs after the English tour. So why aren't we ready to support him in his bad time. Does he deserve this. I used to feel that our cricketers owe us something for all the support to them. But the behaviour of we fans towards him now realyy makes me feel our cricketers do not owe us a single bit because their performances over the years never count. Only if they are talented but not performing we will support them for sometime. Otherwise as a cricketer if u r average, then u have got no chance to survive even if u have perfomed better than the talented ones.

Thats the policy of our selecters, and with this behaviour it seems it is also the policy of we fans.

( Once again I apologize for critisizing the fans but that also includes me)