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May 3, 2006, 02:12 AM
World Cup 2007


With a lull in current on-field activities at this time, I felt that it may be the perfect time to step back, and consider how exactly were are going to tackle upcoming major tournaments. All things being equal, I think this side (above) contains the core group of players (feel free to dispute) we need to build our ODI squad around leading into next years World Cup (or even this years ICC Champions Trophy), keeping in mind that both Omar & Mashud are not getting any younger (experience is priceless, but N.Iqbal + Rahim still need to be considered). The major flaw with this squad is that IF one or more of our strike bowlers have a bad day (more of when, not if), there is no genuine all-rounder that we can turn to.

For me, both Kapali (consistency with bat/ball), and to a lesser extent, Saleh (turning over the strike, keeping the scoreboard ticking, etc), will really need to prove themselves in the shorter game over the next 12 months in order to assure their places. Other players (Ashraful, Ahmed, to name a few) will also need to work hard during this time to improve certain aspects of their own game (temperament, consistency, etc). The recruitment of several specialist coaches will certainly allow our players to play to their potential and see to it that such players as Nafees, Saleh, Ashraful and Hossain (amongst others) blossom in the International stage.

The opportunity may also arise for 1-2 of our star U19's players to break through into the first team (Rahim aside, this is still appears unlikely). Minor alterations (e.g. batting order, poor form/injuries) may also need to be made in order to get the best out of the team as a whole, as well as each player as an individual. There needs to be team cohesion (no random cutting/chopping of players) and expectations of individual players (from Selectors/Coaching Staff) must be expressly communicated. In addition, stability (and batting out 50 overs) must be promoted (as opposed to the current emphasis on rapid/explosive starts). This will justify the demotion of Ahmed & Ashraful down the batting order (keeping in mind the batting line-up can always be modified to fit whatever scenario).

Finally, next years World Cup may very well bring an end to the ODI careers of both Habibul Bashar and Mohammad Rafique (so as to prolong their Test careers). Our players must understand this and make sure that both their individual & overall team performances in the next 12 months both reflect, and are dedicated to (the ODI) careers of Bashar & Rafique. Failure against sides of the calibre of Zimbabwe, Kenya, Canada & even West Indies for that matter is not an option (adopting this mindset may go a long way to ensure our safe progession into the ICC Champions Trophy tournament later on in the year).

I encourage everyone to suggest ways in which the entire squad (not just first team) can improve their own games (e.g should we hire specialist coaches?) and how we can improve top-down communication between Management, Coaching staff, and the Players (e.g. should there be more individual and team meetings between players and coaches/management?). Should the Coaching staff study data more thoroughly so that the team is prepared to play any opposition on any given day? Which area needs the most work on (e.g. batting/bowling/fielding) and what do you recommend? And finally, which/if any ex and/or potential future players deserve to be in contention for a ODI recall/cap? Cheers. :up:

May 3, 2006, 07:48 PM
Well, this is a very good team selection. Only problem is rajin saleh,if he stays too long it will put too much pressure on the later batsman and throw away bd from match. We no longer play for respectable defeat margin. Even we loose by 8 wickest or by huge margin that should be fine but everytime we go out there we play for win. He should be number 12 for his fielding. Kapali/mehrab jr/saquib al hasan may be a better choice for ODI. There is tushar imran too.