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August 4, 2002, 02:27 AM
226 for 8

Nuff said.

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August 4, 2002, 02:34 AM
damn right you are...
keep that blasted thing you call your mouth...shut :) PLEASE :) another 3 hours ONLY.....TEHSIN BHAI I BEG YOU :)

August 4, 2002, 02:39 AM
Shobai eto khushi khushi keno. I thought it was obvious that the score would turn out to be something like that in ODI since that is BD's specialty. Jaihok, 'last' 5-6 overs was pathetic.

Correction : 46-49 overs (included)

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August 4, 2002, 02:41 AM
226 for 8, 50 overs

Good start, too fast but that's what we need in ODIs (DUH).
Rokon 25
Ash 36
Tushar 61
Pilot 54

Not a bad days work. Sri lanka had their main (almost) bowling side today but good job by our boys, specially by Tushar (our ODI specialist) and PILOT (THE MAN). Polata desh er jonno aasholei jaan diya khele.

Erpor last over e Rafique chacha je khel dekhalen, mashallah.

As for the Lankan's - Murali 10-44/2 ? MUHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. Slap in the errrrrrrrrrrr. Usually we make De Silva look like Murali or Shane Warne. Remember amader polara GRANT FLOWER ke ki baniye cherechilo ? That was a nightmare.

Batting wise, Sri Lanka should be able to score this runs within 30-35 overs. If they don't that will be a small victory for us. If we take 5+ wickets, it will be more amazing. :)

Baki shob upor alar haat e tuley dilam.

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soccer crazy
August 4, 2002, 02:59 AM


August 4, 2002, 03:23 AM
He really doesn't like the Lankan wickets and definitely has a dislike for their bowlers. :(

durjoy and Shujon just came back after a longggggggggggggg break. Let's see how they bowl. The combination worked in batting due to some indiidual performances. Ash definitely adores the Lankan bowling, which can only be good for us. Let's hope he keep s this up.

off course, having said that, we all know how our players like to 'surprise' us from time to time they hate being stereotyped as a consistent team except when it comes to be consistently dissapointing. *sigh*

August 4, 2002, 03:39 AM
Bechara. Ball korte naamlei prothom prothom maair khai. Thisi the second time in two matches.

August 4, 2002, 04:58 AM
Maira raakhtasena. :)
Masri ta thakle ekhon moja dekhaitaam. *sigh*

Well, 87 runs needed in more than 25 overs. Ki mone hoi ? Oh. haat e 8 wicket. Amar 30-35 over ta ekhono okkhoto dekhchi.

August 4, 2002, 05:09 AM
We needed to capitalize on this:
43rd over 191 for 5. Instead, we lost 3 more wickets and scored only 35 run in the last 7 overs. That too after Rafique and mate scored 12 runs in the last over.
On second thought, 37 for 3 wasn't too bad. We did good (in this match only) going from 86/4 to 226/8.

30 124/4 2 4.13 4.40
31 129/4 5 4.16 5.20
32 137/4 8 4.28 5.80
33 140/4 3 4.24 4.80
34 142/4 2 4.17 4.00
35 144/4 2 4.11 4.00
36 146/4 2 4.05 3.40
37 152/4 6 4.10 3.00
38 156/4 4 4.10 3.20
39 165/4 9 4.23 4.60
40 171/4 6 4.27 5.40
41 176/4 5 4.29 6.00
42 183/5 7 4.35 6.20
43 191/5 8 4.44 7.00
44 195/6 4 4.43 6.00
45 203/6 8 4.51 6.40
46 207/6 4 4.50 6.20
47 209/7 2 4.44 5.20
48 211/8 2 4.39 4.00
49 214/8 3 4.36 3.80
50 226/8 12 4.52 4.60

August 4, 2002, 05:27 AM
With three wicket gone, SL is being careful because all the other players (yet to bat) are either untestes OR are mostly bowlers.

If we can take this two out, who knows what MIGHT happen. ;)

For live stats.Link (http://www-usa.cricket.org/link_to_database/ARCHIVE/2002/BDESH_IN_SL/SCORECARDS/BDESH_SL_ODI1_04AUG2002.careeravs.html)

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August 4, 2002, 05:31 AM
I was thinking, bring back one of the pacer for couple of overs. But NOOOOOO. Durjoy's first ball of the second over - GONE for FOUR. Dekhi kichu korte pare naki bechara.

August 4, 2002, 05:38 AM
Taking his sweet time just so he can get to his fifty. Which is all good cause they just beat my 35 over prediction. GRRR

Now, If Arnold'sgreed can be worked in our favor. We'd get a couple more before the game is over. :)

August 4, 2002, 09:15 AM
But again, showing that we just haven't become responsible yet - Like All-Shariyar's innings.

Sumon - Its ok that you don't like Lanka and their bowlers, but you don't have to tell that to us in this way.

Our Captain - just shows what sheer determination can make you do, and the fact that playing more games actually help.

World cup campaign - it will be in SA not the Sub Cont. - I wish we could stay back a tad longer in SA and play against, well even the road side teams.

My greatest concern is that we just can't get a 85 % fixed team in either form of the game. We are introducing to many new players too often and also bringing back too many old players too often. Players like our captain is obviously making the point here - the more you play, the better your avgs will start becoming. Therefore, the collective result will improve.

Lastly, will Masri be able to make it back into the team by late this year? He needs atleast one tour/series before the wc.

August 4, 2002, 04:27 PM
It was a good show after those horrible performances in the test matches. 226 for was a good enough score for a team coming back from four scores under 200 and two HUGE loses. Good comeback.

Durjoy and Shujon probably failed but this was only one match and they didn't too much time in hand to settle down. Also, when was the last time they played competitive cricket ? Been a while, hasn't it ? Not a big fan of Durjoy but when he is playing for Bangladesh, I'd like for him to apply himself as an all-rounder. I don't think we need him for the second ODI because we have better prospects keeping the benches warm. :)

If we tighten our bowling a little bit and the batsmen can keep on pushing those runs, we can put some more pressure on the Lankans. They are the ones under pressure to win, let's use that against them.

August 4, 2002, 09:18 PM
It was a well fought match. We didnt go down patheticly.

I only wish we played the test after the ODI.