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August 4, 2002, 10:18 AM
Got himself needlessly run out , and then gave 29 runs in 3.4 overs.

I say we give him away to Kenya.

August 4, 2002, 11:16 AM
Wasn't really disappointed with either of the two. I was following the commentary when they were batting. Namiur came in at the 42nd over, when BD were 176 for 5. He needed to accelarate and take half chances. He did just that. There was an overthow, he went for the second run and got himself run out.

Sujon came in at the 44th over. He scroed 9 runs in 11 balls. Again BD needed to accelarate and he did what the team needed him to do. If he had more overs to settle down then he might have scored big. He might be a demunitive figure but he can really hammer the bowlers around.

August 4, 2002, 01:34 PM
This is a..

anti-BCB board
anti-Morx board
anti-Paki board...

There you go Ockey, now you know what to say, and what not !!!

August 4, 2002, 03:50 PM
The "board" itself is not anti-anything.

August 4, 2002, 06:34 PM
Maximillian makes a whole lot of judgement calls on regular posters. That's an amazing gift. He just gets squirmish when folks questions the powers that be. :)

Don't know about the board but if you do want to know:

ON being Anti-Durjoy: I didn't like Durjoy as the national captain but was okay with him being a national player. The fact that he got to play EVERY GAME while being completely out of form while BETTER players were left out was not much to my liking. To me, my country is bigger than a single player. :)
On the other hand, if Durjoy rocked - what does that mean ? BANGLADESH DOES WELL. I'd be Ecstatic. Let's not also forget that Durjoy belongs to my club ABAHANI. Considering all that, I HATE DURJOY. :)

On being anti-Paki: My first cricket hero was IMRAN KHAN. I guess he wasn't a Pakistani since I am anti-Paki. I suppose that I need to stop rooting for the Pak team in their matches.

Anti-BCB : BCB is just a front for our govenrment. Whenever, whichever is in power will have their way with it. Now, I am not allowed to say anything bad about them sitting on their arse. Why should I care right ? They can do (or not do) whatever they want to. It was right to move Saber out of BCB because he was from a diff political wing - who cares what he stood for as far as our cricket goes. They can also pick and chose which players to play. I mean, who have ever heard aabout fans complain about team selection in any other country ? Mr. Lobby got his job as the head of BCB because he surely knows more about our cricket. Otherwise, why would the gov't give such an important job to a virtual unknown. He must have given the gov't ample proof ... Also, why would we question the BCB decisions - who said this was a democracy?

August 4, 2002, 06:45 PM
Following Max's bidding, I would go out on a limb and say:

Max is:
anti-free speech
anti-this board

Since he felt free to make our decisions for us, I figured he will be perfectly alright with me making such remarks. I guess this wasn't too 'Gaye Pora' of me. *wink*

August 4, 2002, 07:58 PM
anti-free speech ? Oh no..now the admin himself is on my case. I just gripe at you guys, well most of you, and some more than others. It is a "free speech" board, ain't it ? Why not cut me some slack and see the other end of the coin, just once in a while maybe ? Or did you mean to say this was actually a "speech free" board, for some ? Only the conformists get to keep on commenting without any reprisals ??? Ever wonder why your contributing membership never really goes up, despite having some astute cricketing minds here ??? I'm not sure had you guys been at the helm of BCB, things would have been any better..me personally, I wouldn't be passing any judgement on you guys everytime a hard hitting batsmen went to bat at no 4 or a player managed to score 11 runs off 11 balls at the very end of the innings. But what I know for sure is that, that BCB may have been equally despotic as you guys potray this one to be.

anti-this board, maybe, but only for the reasons above.

pro-BCB : Hey, I always gave Mr. Saber all the respect and benefit of doubt as a BD cric fan. Buy then again, he was only over seeing a bunch of boys playing the minor league. But on my own admittance, he would be better than the guys at helm now by a ocean's length !

Just because I said this board was anti-Morx...doesn't mean that it was necessarily anything bad to say!! Have you seen me ever blow horns over Morx, doubt it ???

So you all, why have a witch hunt here against me, huh ? You guys want me out of the board, just say that (well, I'm only going to respect the admin's authority). Otherwise, I'm just doing what every one of you are doing here every minute, getting a sheer orgasm everytime one of the guys hit out a six or four.

Get it all out now, guys, its your turn. Arnab..you lead the pack, you seem to be the best at it !!!

August 4, 2002, 09:26 PM
Why do I get the feeling (had it from your first confrontation) that you two (you and Arnab) know each other ?

Neeways, did I authorize you to leave ? I want you to stick around and humor me (see, no one calls me the admin here so it's kinda freaky, khek). You are stuck with us (You do know that I am kidding about the 'humor me' and 'authorize' bit).

What is wrong with folks venting at some quirky decisions here and there. That's the least we can do from far away.

August 5, 2002, 12:28 AM
Alright Max, I don't know you man...I haven''t seen anyone post under your screenname before this new board came along, but apparently you have been following this board for quite a while but mainly lurked maybe. All I have to say is we all have our own perceptions of what should be right with Bangladesh cricket, and I also believe people here make a lot of emotional, seemingly judgmental remarks that don't initially make sense. But I don't go ballistic over it or start personally ridiculing other members for it. Heck, I have been giving Tehsin bhai hell with all the sarcasms on Kenya vs Bangladesh issue.:) He doesn't seem to be personally bothered that much, but friendly banters...yes. Having been a member of this board for a decent amount of time, I have come to expect certain behavioral limits that any member should follow. When we think a person is wrong, we may playfully post a sarcastic comment, but not blatantly attack on his personal judgment. Now I don't really care about the anti-pak, anti-morx or anti-anything situation because I honestly think it doesn't matter and you wouldn't be personally ridiculed for being pro-pak, pro-morx, blah blah either.

Don't take these posts too seriously. Enjoy your stay. Post away. But be aware of the limitations...there's nothing hard and fast but people will let you know when they think you are a bit off the line. It really is a great messageboard. I personally think Tehsin bhai is the most innocuous and genial administrator I have ever seen on an internet messageboard. But anyway, I hope I got my point across with all that blabbering....

August 5, 2002, 01:48 AM
that dude sham!!...I remember sham having an arguement with Arnab...quite a lenghty one....about who is better...lara or tendlya?!?...it got a bit testy by the end of it all...could it be?!?!?!?

August 5, 2002, 02:06 AM

August 6, 2002, 02:59 AM
No wayyyyyyyyyyyy. He woudln't dare question the 'admin' (wink) of the board.

Arnab, I'm touched. Now, about that Tendu vs Lara issue ...........

August 6, 2002, 10:03 AM
Actually, I see Sham in the msn a lot. I am sure he comes and reads these post. The only way to bring him back to posting would be restarting the Lara vs. Shachin duel. I am sure you wont be able take the defeat from Arnob and speak up.