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August 5, 2006, 12:49 AM
As the saying goes.."If it doesn't kill you.. it only makes u stronger". And also there is a well-known bangla saying "Ja hoy.. bhalor jonnoi hoy".

Yes.. ja hoise.. bhalor jonnoi hoise. Khub bhalo hoise. Boro boro kotha bolar folafol hate nate pawa gese. Ato upset howar kisu nai. Amaderke mene nitei hobe.. etai amader cricket er.. amader national mentality'r ashol chehara. Ja hoise tate amader cricket er onek upokar hobe.

Kibhabe? Wel... amader player r coach er kisu shikkha ontoto howa dorkar ei gono-dholai er por. Tader shikkha jodi nao hoy... tobuo kisu bapar purapuri diner alo'r moto clear hoye geche....

Series er age boro boro buli aurano thik na.
Opponent jei hok hombi tombi r lafalafi bad dewa dorkar.
Ashraful type stupid der somporke strong decision er somoy akhon.
JO, Kapali ra dol er sudhu khoti e korte pare crucial time e
Pilot ke die r jai hok.. captaincy hote parena
Dol er batting order nie selector-der 'shap-ludu' khelar folafol ta oti joghonno!
Bashar er impact dol er upor asholei onek beshi (ei gyan ta onek fan er o dorkar ache)
Mashrafee/Shahadat jotoi super- blaster hok... perssure situation handle korar joggota akhono tader hoini.
WI e next world cup e amader spinner ra khub tough time face korbe... so better try to form an effective pace attack.

:Final lesson:
"Somman orjon kora joto kothin... dhore rakha tar chaite 10 times beshi kothin"

BD team kichu bhalo perform korechilo.. but shei form dhore rakhar joggota akhono tader toiri hoini. Dav whatmore er o besh bhalo shikkha howar kotha eta theke.

It's always better to have a taste of ugly bitter reality than fabricating our dreams with unreal satisfaction. Sometimes hitting the rock bottom can do a world of good for the coming long future. The current Executive Board of BD cricket had started to take too much of arrogant credit for achievements.. but what they forgot was that they would also have to maintain the standard of the game.. which is not as easy as gaining it.

Personally... I do feel the strong and upward impact of Habibul Bashar alone on our current cricket's form.

August 5, 2006, 01:07 AM
well said :up:
we should have learnt the lesson when we lost by Canada last worldcup. but we didnt. only God knows what coming next.

August 5, 2006, 01:21 AM
bhai beleive me..aapnar post ta ...newspapr er front page a boro koira bold letter a chapailey ...........aami khushi hoitam..
very well said bro

August 5, 2006, 01:27 AM
Joss kotha leksen Ahmed Bhai...

August 5, 2006, 07:15 AM
We'll come back strongly after this series loss. I think Bangaldesh needed this type of a lesson before the WC to correct some flaws which had existed for a long period of time with this team.