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August 19, 2006, 07:44 AM
Cricket in England, Australia & NZ are very different. The fans reaction to the sport
isn't like where as in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and West Indies.
The fans will erupt the stadium with thier noise when every boundary is hit and when wickets fall. But in the westeren zone, there is a clap or a cheer and that's it.
No wonder in the sub-continent and caribbean they have gates so fans don't come
on to the outfield. That shows us that cricket is more loved in the sub-continent than England and Australasia. What is your opinion, do you think cricket is treated better in Asia than the others or has it got to do with the country's situation(government)?. Cricket in Africa is more in between both, i think.
Cricket in Asia & West Indies: :E
Cricket in England & Australasia: :yawn:

August 19, 2006, 08:22 AM
I thought the best spectator reactions in cricket was during the Ashes 2005. The ambience was simply invigorating. Glad to've seen the 5 test match series ball-by-ball. In my opinion, the crowds in AUS, ENG, NZ are more knowledgable hence they don't simply shout in every ball. Whatsoever, the atmosphere for an enthralling cricket match would be the same, regardless of where it's being played, well, ofcourse, if the stadium is filled to its capacity.
However, cricket will always remain as the no.1 sport in the subcontinent, cause its become an integral part of life for the Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans, and Indians.

August 20, 2006, 01:09 AM
i believe there r few reasons why ppl react differently in the countries u mention.

see, for us subcontinentals, cricket is by far not only the Numero Uno, but also one true sport where they are considered a top teams in world arena. Except from india and pakistan with hockey to some extend, none of these 4 countries r good at any other team sports. so naturally the fans r more passionate about it. also i think its in our nature to be more emotionally charged and ultra enthusiastic about almost anything we do. but mostly, cricket is like our "shobe dhoni nilmoni"

but country like , say Australia, cricket is not the NO1 any more. Rugby is, depending on the code u follow and location u live. Aus have a really good sporting culture and they also worship thier heroes. and thats why its no surprise that they r good at almost every single game they play. lets see:

Cricket - World Champions (current)
Rugby - Former WC, currently still one of the best team
Hockey - one of the top ranked team
Football - played in the world cup, ranks among top 30 in the world.
Swimming - power house alongside USA and Netherlands
Tennis - Host of 1 o four Open,Aus Open, hv got few world class players, including Lleyton Hewitt
Golf - Greg Norman, Geoff Ogalbie ( the guy who won US open recently)
F1 - host of one grand prix and has Mark Webber
Yatch racing - first foreign country to win Americas Cup back in 83
Basketball - Lauren Jackson, MVP of WNBA is an aussie
- cant remember his name, but was the first pick draft of this yr NBA,

and all these r just what i can remember right now, im sure the list can go on.

my point is, when a country is these good in all sorts of sports in world stage, they naturally hv thier enthusiam curbed. cuz they r so used to be world's best, they take it for granted and naturally does not display that sort of passion like us subcontinental as we do over one sport.

August 22, 2006, 05:17 AM
say Australia, cricket is not the NO1 any more. Rugby is, depending on the code u follow and location u live

AFL is still a long way ahead of rugby, Sydney winning the grand final helped as well.