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December 6, 2006, 08:00 AM
although a lot of people were complaining about our middle over batting during the last match, i actually think we've gotten better at it. if it was even a year ago, we wouldn't have crossed 180 after losing 5 wickets on 138. yesterday, even though we lost wickets in a regular interval - the rash strokes weren't as frequent as in recent past. it seems we're also getting better at not losing wickets in pairs. everytime we lost a wicket, our batsmen buckled down and consolidated. take a look at the first seven partnerships (which pretty much covers the top and middle order batting) we had yesterday -

1st - 64 runs (rr - 6.62)
2nd - 21 runs (rr - 3.4)
3rd - 28 runs (rr - 3.29)
4th - 10 runs (rr - 2.5)
5th - 15 runs (rr - 3.21)
6th - 31 runs (rr - 3.5)
7th - 10 runs (rr - 5.45)

while this isn't the best batting performance we've had, it really isn't that bad. they pulled off some stunning catches, bowled accurately, and were aided by the slowness of the pitch. but we've shown some grit as well, and didn't collapse as badly as we could've. in fact, if ash didn't get out to that brilliant catch, we had a chance to cross 240.

now onto the topic of middle order batting specifically - one of the keys to it is rotating the strike. check this out -

nafees - % of dot balls per balls played = 70 (24 out of 34).
number of singles = 1 number of doubles = 1
total scoring shots = 11

mehrab jr. - % of dot balls = 74 (57 out of 77)
number of singles = 16 number of doubles = 1
total scoring shots = 22

aftab - % of dot balls = 77 (14 out of 18)
no singles. no doubles.
total scoring shots = 4

sakib - % of dot balls = 49 (21 out of 43)
22 singles. no doubles.
23 scoring shots.

bashar - % of dot balls = 86 (12 out of 14)
1 single. 1 double.
2 scoring shots.

ashraful - % of dot balls = 54 (27 out of 50)
20 singles. 2 doubles.
25 scoring shots.

pilot - % of dot balls = 71 ( 20 out of 28)
5 singles. 3 doubles.
8 scoring shots.

although mehrab has a high dot ball per balls played ratio, he seems adept at taking singles (he had 16 of those). that percentage will drop as he gains more confidence with further experience. i'm not too concerned about nafees either, because he's an opener. singles are much harder to come by with 7 fielders inside the circle, while hitting bounderies is that much easier. aftab has shown his fluency in taking singles before, and he needs to not get away from it. sakib and ashraful were the best in both categories, which is encouraging given they are both middle order batsmen.

note: the stats get better if i analyze the second odi under the same criteria. so i decided to look at the worse of the two batting performances.

December 6, 2006, 08:44 AM
No doubt that we are improving. but I think this ZIM is the weakest side amon the teams we played against in the last few years (except KEN may be). therefore, it is too early to call our gritness or improvement. The real test is coming ahead in the world cup.

December 6, 2006, 06:08 PM
i think ashraful shd bat at #4. cause sakib does not have the ability to take singles in the middle overs. which by the way put pressure on the others as well as on himself.

December 6, 2006, 11:05 PM
cricket_dorshok : i will call it an improvement.
BECAUSE ODI is all about performing in the given day! Any team can do anything in ODI's..ZIM had us in a tackle..we got out of it ..almost and scored 220.
Look back.. we got AUS in a tackle..they didnt quite got out of it and scored 249 in a flat pitch which wasnt enough for a good batting side..and Bangladesh came out as the winner ..rightfully so!
So its about pressure..handling the situation in ODI's ..doesnt matter which team you play.
I really dont understand why Bangladeshis are really thinking that they got so better than ZIMS..that we are not getting anything from the matches.. Ofcourse we are improving even by playing Zimbabwe..and we will improve by playing any side respectively as long as its an INT. ODI..thats not a statement..thats FACT.

roaring tigerz
December 7, 2006, 11:45 AM
I dont think there has been any substantial improvement in our middle order batting. We do have a couple of new batsmen who surprisingly have a much better temperament than our more senior batsmen. Bashar's ODI performances have always been patchy.As for Ashraful or Aftab, nothing has changed. If these two dont score consistently our ODI batting would continue to be mediocre...
Mashud's presence stagnates the end of the innings. Rafiq's batting has been in perpetual decline. The only positive has been Mashrafee. I believe he has the technique and skills to bat at number 7 now.

December 7, 2006, 12:28 PM
I agree with RT. improvement was not such that we can say we need to look some where else to improve. we need to see how they do against the big teams and when we r losing cause it will always look good when we r winning. and Also I agree that mash should bat before pilot and rafiq. and actually pilot should bat at number 10. he got bowled in the last match trying to swip a ball from out side the off...when the bowler is bowling round the wkt

December 7, 2006, 01:41 PM
middle over batting bolte ki bujhaisen????

or u meant.. middle order batting????