View Full Version : Bangladesh team should keep playing as a team, without switching players until WC

December 19, 2006, 12:42 PM
I have a feeling that it will be better if, we pick a 18-20 squad now for WC and play atleast 7-8 matches every month for next 3 months as Bangladesh national team with Bangladesh A side/ president's 11/ Good Clubs.

This will -

* Will give Mehrab & Shahriar more practice as an opener. Team selector can try JO and any other player they have in mind with Shahriar. They will see whats better practically rather than taking a guess.

* Selectors can rotate players out of the 18 and it will help them to send a stronger/ more understanding team with enough practice at home soil to WC.

* Not only opening pair, but selector can see whats better for middle order/lower order batting.

* Selector can study the bowlers, who got more variation, who can cause more damage.

- For spinners, Rafiq & Razzaq looks to be in. But we need a 3rd one, let's see who is better, sakib, enamul or manzurul rana - whoever looks in most form in the 3 months matches will fly to WC.

- Same policy for fast bowler, although Masrafee & Shahadat seem to be permanent choice, lets see how other fast bowlers such as dollar mahmud, rasel and rest does in 3 months.

in short, it can only help us picking a better team of 14 squad- if they keep playing as a team for next 3 months, rather than playing in clubs.


December 20, 2006, 12:45 AM
I personally think we already have a stable team.Most of the players know their responsibility and delivering accordingly.I don't see any need of experiment now.

Of course, we gotta make our supporting artilary ready in case someone from the frontline gets injured.Apart from that, I would stick to the current team without any experiment which will give them courage and stability.I have fullest belief that this unit will bring us some good outcomes in coming WC.

P.S. - Trying new things won't be that bad after WC.

December 20, 2006, 10:57 AM
We are good for WC. keep the same team. Ash also played pretty kool last match. main thing is he never gave a chance and played on the air. so i think we should go as we r till the wc. Only change will be pilot in and mush backup that's all.