View Full Version : all 15 players should get a chance to play

January 25, 2007, 07:05 PM
I wish selectors will give chance to all players to play at least 2 matches. they should make some rotation. it doesnt matter, if they perform well or not, everybody should be tested before world cup. my standby 3 players of the world cup team is

1. Syed rasel (he is still #3 bowler in the team, its unfair to drop him)
2. Rajin saleh (dashing, hard worker, good allrounder)
3. Forhad reza (bowlings need to be improved, batting is fine)
4. Khaled Masud (ultimate choice, lets see how mehrab Junior performs, if he doesnt do well in bat, bring our real HERO back)

lastly, captain habibul bashar should know how to change bowlers and use all ur bowlers , if necessary, why Aftab, Ashraful does not bowl anymore?). I see when opposite team batsmen hit our bowlers, H bashar still use the bowler, who has been beaten, thats pathetic. his captaincy should be improved.