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January 31, 2007, 08:11 AM
A very good move by BCB which will defnitely boost domestic cricket. BCB must ensure that matches are played in properly prepared and sporting wickets.

I hope this is the beginning to bolster domestic cricket and create better domestic infrastructure.

Barisal Division is left out probably due to lack of partcipating clubs.
From BDNews

Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) is going to organise the BCB Challenge Club Cup Cricket in five divisions in a bid to encourage more local cricket leagues outside Dhaka.

Except Barisal Division, the clubs from Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Sylhet and Khulna will take part in the meet separately. The BCB tournament committee will get in touch with the respective divisions to work out the competition format and the number of the participants.

The decision was taken at a meeting Thursday where BCB president M Abdul Aziz met the chairmen of all standing committees at the BCB management office.

The BCB has taken the Challenge Club Cup Cricket as a pilot project so that all the districts start their own cricket league.

The matches of the Dhaka and Chittagong divisions would be held in Mymensingh and Comilla, but the matches of Rajshahi, Sylhet and Khulna are yet to be decided.

A participating club will get appearance money of Tk 50,000.

The meeting also decided to give Tk. 3,00,000 to the Bangladesh Deaf and Dumb Cricket Team for their participation in the forthcoming First Asia Cup for the deaf and dumb in Bombay.

The BCB will also provide coach, training facility and cricket gear for the preparation of the deaf and dumb cricketers.

January 31, 2007, 08:13 AM
thank you miraz bhai for the news. as always i would say that this is a good step, but it is only going to remain good if they continue it in a regular manner. If not then it is just a waste.

February 13, 2007, 08:03 AM
BCB challenge cup is finally beginning. The tournament is beginning in Mymensingh on Thursday, Comilla on Feb 23, Sylhet on Feb 24, Khulna on Feb 25 and Rajshahi on Feb 27. The schedule of Chittagong is yet to be finalised.

From BDNews (http://bdnews24.com/details.php?cid=2&id=58758#tp58797)

The BCB Challenge Club Cup Tournament begins Thursday with 60 clubs of six districts taking part in the meet at different venues.

"In quest of flourishing the local cricketers, Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) has taken a pilot project to organise the tournament at the district level," said BCB vice president and tournament committee chairman Shah Nurul Kabir Shaheen at a press conference at the National Sports Council Tuesday.

"Ten clubs from each district of Mymensingh, Comilla, Khulna, Sylhet, Rajshahi and Chittagong, split in two groups, will take part in the meet at their respective districts, and later, each venue champions will qualify for the six-team final phase to be held in Dhaka," informed Shaheen.

The tournament begins in Mymensingh on Thursday, Comilla on Feb 23, Sylhet on Feb 24, Khulna on Feb 25 and Rajshahi on Feb 27. The schedule of Chittagong is yet to be finalised.

Shaheen said they first selected the divisional district and then took two districts outside divisional headquarters and did not count Barisal due to the shortage of ground.

Participating clubs received Tk 50,000 each as a participation money along with a gear-box consisting of two bats, three pads, keeping pads, batting gloves, keeping gloves, helmets and 12 balls.

The champions in each venue will get Tk 40,000, runners-up Tk 30,000 and two defeated semifinalists Tk 15,000 each. Besides, the qualifier in the final phase will get Tk one lakh for the transports, accommodation and feeding.

Umpires from Dhaka will join the local umpires in conducting the matches while BCB will provide all ground facilities along the white balls throughout the tournament.

Two players, outside the district but inside the division, are eligible to play for each team while the club must field nine local players in a match.

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