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al Furqaan
February 10, 2007, 11:42 AM
well, we beat them 3-1 on the road, which before the series i would have accepted, not happily but it beats a 2-3 loss.

am i dissappointed? yes. but lets look at a few things.

playing overseas is always going to be tough. aside from the aussies, there aren't any teams which have consistantly dominated even far inferior teams on the road. over the last 6 months, i would say sri lanka have been at near aussie level in this regard. but bear in mind, OZ have been doing this for years, not months.

nevertheless this was again a series where we didn't play to our potential. no centuries, no massive scores, and no convincing bowling spells (tho mash had some solid spells). improvements were made but they belie the true picture.

unfortunately, bangladesh are artificially stronger at home, and artificially weaker im zimbabwe. the true test of which team is better, would have to be done on neutral grounds.

asides from that here is my take of series:

the heart and sole of our int'l problems. no one hit a century tho, aftab had plenty to time to get a really big one. still, i would say, we played well enough to just get by. and that was a dissapointment. winning by 45 and 14 and a single wicket is not convincing. it means we are just a bit better than zimbabwe. batsman let us down. again.

fast bowling:
masri had a decent series, he got the PoS after all. but he didn't dominate asides from the 1st match. still, i am quite pleased with his overall performance. rajib had the worst series: only a couple of wickets, gave away too much. sharif i thought was our 2nd best pacer, judged only from a single match. tapash came 3rd.

did well where even utseya struggled for the most part, indicating that rafique, razzak, and even saqib are better than utseya. they bailed us out yet again.

without any commentary or live feed, its hard to tell. but it seems that saqib is a terrific fieldsman. he was described by CI as "impenetrable inside the ring". we did a satisfacotry job overall i think.

bashar: did he get run out twice in this series? is he becoming inzy or what?

ash: failed again. really dissappointed in him.

aftab: on again, off again, but beats ash.

SN: seems he''s out of form.

saqib: i like him a lot

mushy: maybe its time to say goodbye pilot.

al Furqaan
February 10, 2007, 11:49 AM

please merge with miraz's thread

February 10, 2007, 11:56 AM

please merge with miraz's thread

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February 10, 2007, 02:38 PM
2 out 3 wins are wobbly - I was expecting BD to beat Zimbos comprehensively. Yet another proof that BD has a long way to go before they can beat any of the top 8 teams.

Flip Master Mick
February 10, 2007, 08:22 PM
btw... mashrafee has moved up to 11 in the ODI ranking ahead of abdur razzaq who is on 12

February 10, 2007, 08:28 PM
btw... mashrafee has moved up to 11 in the ODI ranking ahead of abdur razzaq who is on 12

:wow: :drool: :exclamation:

February 10, 2007, 08:55 PM
I am not that dissapointed. Adjusting to a completely different condition, without any practice match, matches in consecutive days is not that easy. Yes, none of the players outshone others ( other than Mushfiq) but overall I think it gives you an idea of how the team has progressed. Bangladesh can say easily that 8/10 that Bangladesh will win matches against Zimbabwe. Overall, I think I was expecting to see more of Tapash/Sharif/Mehrab/Tamim.. which I think didnt happen much. Others performed as they usually do. Saqib being consistent, Bashar being inconsistent, Aftab being explosive, Mashrafee being talented. I have to say the find of the series is Mushfiq. He did play a major role in stabilizing the middle order, much like Mashud does the late order. I think Mushfiq is now at a point where he has done few matches to prove his inclsion. Other than that,, another series with Zimbabwe with nothing to remember as we didnt really see anything at all. On a side note, check this video out...

February 10, 2007, 09:03 PM
I think the performance of BD players have declined a little bit. May be not the entire performance but the middle order collapse was a big upset in all 4 matches. Moreover players weren’t acting stronger under pressure. I’d say it was a definitely good experience before WC as now they know that its more important to be sensible then be confident while playing. They also should remember not to take underdogs as a joke, as they learnt is the harder way from Canada in the last WC. Some players such as Ashraful should be weeded out from the BD Squad for ODIs, probably he is good for Test but not ODIs. I haven’t seen performing that good in the last 20 matches. Its better if they select their players carefully and keep a good blend of experienced and young talents in the team. But one thing for sure, when playing with teams like Indian and Sri Lanka they need to have a positive attitude, because that means a lot. If they are determined and have the JOSH in their heart they can beat India and SL for sure, because they are also from the sub continent and they eat what we eat, actually we eat better than them. They don’t eat that much meat, haha.
I wish all the best to BD team and hopefully my Caribbean tour wont be a waste this time. Hope to see 3+ matches.

al Furqaan
February 10, 2007, 09:03 PM
thanks blues bhai, it seems most BC members have the "blues"

February 10, 2007, 09:12 PM
ODI Bowlers World Ranking

11 Mashrafe bin Mortaza BAN 658 658 v Zimbabwe, 06/02/2007
12 Abdur Razzaq BAN 657 670 v Zimbabwe, 04/02/2007
16 Mohammad Rafiq BAN 637 651 v Zimbabwe, 03/12/2006

ODI Batsmen World Ranking

22 Shahriar Nafees BAN 660 679 v Scotland, 15/12/2006
40 Aftab Ahmed BAN 574 579 v Scotland, 17/12/2006 **

** Aftab's ranking will go up as soon as the latest ranking for batsmen is in.

February 10, 2007, 09:14 PM
Someone mentioned in another thread that playing Zims helps us become stronger- because we learn to deal with tight match situations. Well, playing them will unfortunately enable us to come closer to tighter ends much less often when playing the better teams.

I wouldn't think MUSHFIQ is ready yet, but perhaps he is on the right track.

Rassel should be brought back..unless he is injured.

Just because Sharif knows how to rev swing, does not mean much. The main point is if its worth anything.

Tapash can only rise so much to the occasion. Keeping your impulses aside, one really should not expect him in the team. His inclusion only means that we are still struggling with our bowling line-up, or atleast we think we are to the point that we feel Tapash will do something better. I think Tapash is being brought into match fitness so that he can be kept on stand-by for any injury.

Otherwise the team is ok. Just spank Ashraful very hard, but to think that forgot-his-name is an alternative, is just ludicrous.

I am concerned with Nafees' opening partner, because he has none.

And we need to play against one other good team b4 the cup and besides NZ. Any good WI busta team perhaps?

February 11, 2007, 12:11 AM
Not trying to scare anyone, just to put things into perspective, look how South Africa A-team dominated Zimbabwe few weeks ago-

Match-1: SA-A 274/7 (50 Ov), Zim 227/6 (50 Ov)
Match-2: Zim 160 All Out (47.1 Ov), SA-A 164/2 (38 Ov)
Match-3: SA-A 247/9 (50 Ov), Zim 121 All Out (33.5 Ov)

-CricketArchive (http://cricketarchive.com/Archive/Scorecards/114/114995.html)

We really have a long way to go.