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February 13, 2007, 08:29 PM
lets make a super A team and compete with national team. It can be best of 5 tournament, some big company should sponsor this with high prize money.

my two teams

national team bangla A

1. Shahriar nafees 1. Mehrab Junior
2. tamim iqbal 2. junaid siddiqui
3. Mushfiqur rahim 3.marshall Ayub
4.saqib Ul hasan 4.Tushar imran (c)
5.Aftab ahmed 5.Manjar rana
6.Habibul bashar (c) 6.Forhad reza
7.Mohamad Ashraful 7.Nadif chowdhury
8.Mohammad rafiq 8.Dollar mahmud
9.mashrafi Murtaza 9.Khaled Masud
10.Abdur razzaq 10.mohammaf sharif
11. shahadat hossain 11.Najmul hossain

1. javed Omar 1. Al Shahriar
2.Rajin saleh 2. Alok kapali
3. tapash baisya 3. Mohammad Shahjada
4. Syed rasel 4. Enamul hauque Jr

and let national team play as a team, so they will have better understanding. I think the a team is almost same strong like national team. I think this a team is even more stronger, because there is so many allrounders


national team A team

mashrafi---Shahadat Najmul---sharif
rafiq----saqib forhad--Dollar
razzaq--aftab nadif--manjar
ashraful mehrab--Tushar

syed rasel--tapash shahjada
rajin Enam Jr-alok

what do u guys think?

February 13, 2007, 08:40 PM
what do u guys think?

Too late. The team leaves for Trinidad in a week or so.