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February 15, 2007, 08:25 PM
First ODI in Wellington. New Zealand at full strength, Australia without Gilchrist, Ponting, Symonds and Lee. NZ win the toss and sent Australia to bat.

After 4 overs Australia are 16/2 as Bond (2-1-2-2) dismissed Jaques and wk Haddin... Australia are in trouble, is their decline begun?:)

February 15, 2007, 08:46 PM
Australia 27/2 after 10 overs, Hayden and Hussey at the crease, RR is very slow.

February 15, 2007, 11:43 PM
Batting first, Australia bowled out for just 148 !!
Their run rate is 2.98 !!!
The last time that Australia had a run rate below 3 in the first innings of an ODI was in the 1979 world cup !!

February 15, 2007, 11:46 PM
Bond does it again to Australia 148 AO, I hope Fleming decides to blitz them and give Australia a Humiliating loss.

February 16, 2007, 12:30 AM
Australia is a dominant team but without Warne, Gilchrist, Ponting, Symonds and Clarke they are much weaker. Shane Watson is terrible and they badly need those injured/rested players.

February 16, 2007, 12:32 AM
Forgot to mention, Hogg is 36 and past it. Bring back Warne, or at least the hitting of White.

February 16, 2007, 01:17 AM
NZ will win by 8 wickets.

February 16, 2007, 01:48 AM
Australia 148 (49.3 ov)
New Zealand 91/0 (19.6 ov)

Can't believe my eyes. Is this possible? I thought even the backup players of Australia have the capability to beat any team in the world? I'm baffled.

February 16, 2007, 02:15 AM
NZ won bt 10 wickets with 23 overs reamaining.

February 16, 2007, 02:19 AM
This is what I'm Talking About! SA is the favorite in group A, Australia will only make it because the other 2 teams are Garbage.

Does Anyone see the paralles from the Ashes 05 and this upcoming WC?

February 16, 2007, 02:35 AM
Hahaha loss by 10 wickets! Aussies must be seriously demoralised.

February 16, 2007, 03:50 AM
First ever 10 wicket loss.

I never go for Aus. It was still a terrible game to watch..

Did anyone else see Hussey teary?

February 16, 2007, 08:18 AM
Pretty shocking isnt it??
whats more surprising is that Aussies never had a 10 wicket loss ... well up untill today..

i think this is gonna work good for the team...
they seemed to have been lacking that fire power ..
now with some defeats..it would give them a good knock on the head, a reality check..

surely they know how to bounce back..
and im talking about the world cup here

February 17, 2007, 05:45 PM
Second ODI is on playing. NZ miss Oram who broke a finger in the first match.
Fleming won the toss and again sent Australia to bat. After 8 overs they are 32/1 with almost all runs coming from Tuffey bowling... in 4 overs Bond dismissed Jaques and only conceded 1 run, a wide and a leg bye! Look out for him at the next wc!
Jaques out for 3 and Hayden is on 18* off 26 balls.

February 17, 2007, 07:17 PM
Can't believe my eyes. Is this possible? I thought even the backup players of Australia have the capability to beat any team in the world? I'm baffled.
Who's to say they can't? Bond is the best ODI bowler in the world at the moment. Pollock's the only one who might come close.

February 17, 2007, 07:18 PM
hussey is in superb form.he just scored fifty

February 17, 2007, 07:55 PM
lol... while all NZ bowlers were hammered by Hussey and Hodge, Fleming sent Vincent to bowl (?) and he only conceded one run!

February 17, 2007, 07:57 PM
loooool... and in Vincent second over Hussey smashes 3 sixes! Cricket's a funny game...

February 17, 2007, 08:01 PM
Century for Hussey, Aussies could make +300 now!

February 17, 2007, 08:07 PM
Hussey out after a fantastic innings:

MEK Hussey c Taylor b McMillan 105 (84b 8x4 6x6) SR: 125.00

February 17, 2007, 08:36 PM
great batting performance by hussey, hodge and white. australia 336/4

February 17, 2007, 08:42 PM
NZ successfully chased 331 in the C-H 2005, but it seems too tough now!
White scored 42 off 19 balls: 3x4 3x6, Tuffey ends with this figure: 10-0-80-0

February 18, 2007, 01:01 AM
New Zealand won

February 18, 2007, 01:04 AM
my goodness, what a game. Well done black caps.

NZ won by 5 wickets

February 18, 2007, 03:52 AM
Damn it! I was playing cricket myself when they played..and I missed it! Adious Australia.

February 18, 2007, 05:17 AM
Brilliant performance by NZ

February 18, 2007, 05:55 AM
Congrats NZ on another magnificent victory. 5 losses in 6 matches for Aussies, and now they are now ranked 2nd. Nice!

February 18, 2007, 06:00 AM
This sets up a very interesting World Cup. Don't think the Aussies will be revered as much anymore.

February 18, 2007, 10:01 AM
What a match... I never expected NZ to reach the target! These Fulton and Taylor are scoring, if Oram comes back New Zealand could have a say in the next world cup...

Hussey is really an unlucky captain: he had that role in 3 ODIs, scored 109, 44, 105 but lost all of those matches!

So Australia are not the n.1 in ODI ranking for the first time, will they get it back?

February 19, 2007, 10:27 PM
I have a feeling Australias gonna make NZ pay! Haydens on fire with 91.
Australia - 184/1 off 34.2 overs , RR 5.35
Lets see what Tait can do.....

February 19, 2007, 11:11 PM
Now its up to 251/2 41 overs! RR 6.00....Last three overs went for 40 runs!!!
Haydens still there,
Lets see if he makes 150+....

February 19, 2007, 11:51 PM
Australia end on 346. Hayden - 181* Thats the highest score by any Australian in ODI cricket!

February 20, 2007, 04:08 AM
New Zealand win by one wicket and three balls to spare.

February 20, 2007, 04:11 AM
Holy ****! What Aus Bowlers are doing? You can not defend 330 + in two consecutive days. NZ is simply remarkble. Keep the chase going even after 4/41.

February 20, 2007, 04:40 AM
Wow. McMillan and McCullum. Brilliant.

I laughed at Watson when Gillespie attempted to block the full toss from Watson and outside edging it for four.

February 20, 2007, 04:57 AM
Hahahahahahaha... :floor:

If a bully torments you for a long time, and one day you turn around and punch him hard on the face, he suffers from a severe concussion.... Could England have contributed to Australia's recent downfall?

Surely being beated 5 times in a row is not a good sign for the champions, at least their bowling, or fielding capacity. Australia may be missing their star players, but that also indicates when they are gone they will no longer be the rampant super power.

Nonetheless, all credits go to New Zealand for successfully thrashing the Aussies at home soil. Things couldn't get better so close before the WC.

February 20, 2007, 05:21 AM

White wash, I can't remember the last time aussies tasted it.

February 20, 2007, 05:23 AM
Yes, Congrats Newzealand.

Aussies were too arrogant. And arrogants are sure to fall. Today or tomorrow.
Thats happened to Australia. Nothing Else.

February 20, 2007, 12:33 PM
I saw the score an hour ago...And Im still stunned:confused: :-|