View Full Version : A pinch of criticism with a whole lot of congratulations for the Tigers performance in this WC

April 19, 2007, 10:23 PM
Fans have lauded the performance of the Tigers in this world cup and rightly so. People have pointed out that according to expectations at the beginning of the WC, we have exceeded them. I agree whole heartedly. If people had told me would you take a super 8 position, defeating two powerhouses on the way before the WC I am sure most fans would say yes. This is where my whole lot of congratualtions come in for the Tigers.

Now for the pinch of criticism. Maybe not a pinch but a lot more. First if we look at the first round performance we defeated India and Bermuda to move into the super 8s. HOwever our batting was good only in the match against India and we even struggled with the bat against Bermuda. The Sri lanka match was a complete disaster for us. We got elevated to the secon round. Fans were happy , players were happy, the coach, the management everyone was happy because we achieved our target set for the WC by moving into the second round. All good so far.

Moving into the second round, there were lots of fans who tried to take things too positively and saw the matches as extra games we got with defeats bringing in supportive arguments such as we have achieved our target so this is a learning experience. My problem with the whole super 8 approach from fans and the team alike was the inconsistent result and the blatant condoning of it just because we had achieved our initially set target. Once we were in the super 8 we should have performed much better than what we did. We should have won our matche against England and the WI today. Ireland I would not count as any team can have a bad day. Our batting let us down most of the times. I was disappointed to see some fans willing to overlook these shortcomings and term our super 8 fairly successful since we had one good game and we did not finish last.

We could have actually finished much higher and I feel let down by the team. I read in cricinfo about some comments Bashar made and they were very straight forward and to the point. No matter how rubbish of a player he has become recently, he has said the right things mostly. He said there were no excuses and that the batting had let them down. We should have done much better in the super 8s. The point of this thread and the criticism is not to take away anything from the achievment of going into the super 8 but to look at the underachievment once we reached the super 8. Just because we did good in the first round does not mean we can and should overlook the horrible display in the super 8. Many fans might come at me saying we got SA but for me that was not consolation for the overall terrible show at the super 8. I think our team management has to come up with a solution for this achilles's heel called batting. We have been let down by the batsmen time and again whereas our bowlers have done more than a good job in the whole tournament.

The only match I felt we performed outstanding was the match against India where we got everything right. I think it is time to make some very important changes in the team and bring in a specialist batting coach and a psychologist for the team if we do not have one already. If we have one now then we need to change this one. Maybe we can hire professional motivational speakers to talk to our team batsmen before each match. Motivational speakers are used in the corporate world to make the labour force more productive so why not use them on our batsmen?

Finally, I realize there is an abundance of thread evaluating our performance in this WC and had earlier even said that we see way too many threads at this time of the year. But with so many evalutation threads I did not know where to fit my post, hence this new thread. Hope we can have a lively discussion on the issue of our performance in the super 8s and some fans lenient attitude which has disappointed me because it means that because of the past good(1st round) the present bad(super 8) can be overlooked which I cannot support at all.

April 19, 2007, 10:28 PM
I understand your pain Shahriyar. But right now, I'm just thinking of it this way (like someone here suggested) - enjoy the moment for coming 7th in the WORLD, from where we were 10 years ago. Keep the criticisms aside for later...may be after a couple of days back we'll get back to it :)

April 19, 2007, 11:27 PM
shei arki shahriyar bhai, bakita na hoy next WC e hoilo....

summer e BC meetup hoile we'll definitely play cricket this time. Kabir bhai er bowling pitay dukkho pushay niyen....

April 19, 2007, 11:33 PM
Aray, challenge to ami dislam Shahriyar ke. Ore bowling jodi ami na pitate parsi, taile Shahriyar ke ami lunch khawabo. Promise :)

April 19, 2007, 11:36 PM
This has been awsome, simply awsome. Thanks boys, we're proud of you.

April 20, 2007, 12:22 AM
Aray, challenge to ami dislam Shahriyar ke. Ore bowling jodi ami na pitate parsi, taile Shahriyar ke ami lunch khawabo. Promise :)

Hahahaha lunch er taka ready raikho imran. BTW pitano to khub vague term.Koi run korba oita explicitly bole nite hobe.BTW I dont bowl as fast as earlier but I can bat as good as ever. So bowlers be aware.

April 20, 2007, 12:39 AM

A very good analysis indeed....in the bunch of all threads…your writings touch my feelings…not only feelings…touch my heart also….I wish I would write it!

April 20, 2007, 12:44 AM

A very good analysis indeed....in the bunch of all threads…your writings touch my feelings…not only feelings…touch my heart also….I wish I would write it!

Thanks for the kind words. :) Glad you like it.

April 20, 2007, 12:51 AM
I think it's been a valuable learning experience for the team. As a neutral, I am probably not as emotionally attached to your wins and losses and are able to take both with a grain of salt. I feel that the tournament has been a net gain for Bangladesh overall.

In a way, you overachieved yet underachieved at the same time - you overachieved by getting into the Super 8s when you were not seeded to do so, yet when you had a genuine (if difficult) chance to make the semifinals by beating SA and having to beat Ireland, England and WI (all teams I felt you had a genuine chance of beating) you were unable to do so. You performed in spurts and weren't really able to string together team-wide consistency, particularly in the batting. When you were good, you were very good - but when you weren't, you were ordinary.

It will take someone with more Excel skills (and patience) than me to fully analyse your statistics, but the obvious problem is in your batting. If you look at your innings scores during the WC:

vs India: 5/192 in 48.3 (won)
vs SL: 112 in 37 (lost)
vs Berm: 3/97 in 17 (won)
vs OZ: 6/104 in 22 (lost)
vs NZ: 174 in 48 overs (lost)
vs SA: 8/251 in 50 overs (won)
vs Eng: 143 in 37 overs (lost)
vs Ire: 169 in 41 overs (lost)
vs WI: 131 in 43 overs (lost)

There's only one score above 200 there (though the score to India is close enough). Funnily enough, when you post a decent score, you're more often than not competitive. There's a serious problem with consistency in your batting which is preventing the team from being consistently competitive - I feel it is a combination of technique as well as temperament. Technique can be fixed through focused training sessions - temperament will take longer to fix. I feel that too often the players either come out all guns blazing Gilly style, hit fours all over the ground, then get out, or alternatively they go into their shell and block while they wait for good balls they can hit to the boundary. This is an issue I've noticed not just with Bangladesh but with India and Pakistan as well - rotating the strike is not seen as a "glamourous" attribute. Ironically, SL were one of the teams that pioneered the "lash 'em to the ropes" approach back in the 1996 WC, yet they have the players who can not only play the strokes, but also run the singles. For example, Jayasuriya is averaging 50+ in this tournament with a strikerate of almost 100, but only half of his runs have come in 4s or 6s, because he knows how to keep the field off balance.

The fielding has been good but has dropped off over the last few matches, maybe due to fatigue or demotivation, while the bowling has been creditable. I think Mortaza has done well so far, as has Rasel - both have heaps of promise and should get as much experience as they can on wickets other than subcontinental ones, so that they can further improve.

But talking about improvement by no means takes away from the achievements thus far - this has been a very successful tournament for BD. I just hope the team doesn't rest on its laurels. :)

April 20, 2007, 01:13 AM
Sir Bashar always says the right thing and always does the wrong thing. I have no respect to the team, not even to Dev, except the 5 bowlers. I feel very much let down by them.