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September 30, 2003, 12:32 PM
posted on 29-9-2003 at 05:13

Current forms of some of World's top batsmen

Matthew Hayden:

Since he permanently came back to the Australian squad starting with the series against Windies at home in 2001, he has scored 3236 runs in 60 innings at a super-human average of 59.92 with 13 centuries and 11 fifties.

In his last three series (against ENG, WI and BD), he has scored 936 runs at an average of 58.50 with 5 centuries and 1 fifty.

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posted on 29-9-2003 at 05:26

Brian Lara:

Since the last WI tour of Srilanka, Lara has scored 1871 runs in 26 innings at a semi-Bradmanesque average of 71.96 with 6 centuries, 8 fifties, 1 not out.

In his last three test series (all at home against NZ, AUS and SL), Lara has scored 981 runs at an average of 75.46 with 3 centuries, 5 fifties, 1 notout.

posted on 29-9-2003 at 05:36

Sachin Tendulkar:

In his last three test series (against ENG, WI and NZ), world's best batsman has scored 807 runs at 57.34 with 2 centuries and 3 fifties, very much consistent with his career average.

Further analysis confirms that Sachin has been scoring at a plateau average of 57-58, which is more or less his career average, for the last 26 matches against various oppositions (AUS, ZIM, SA, ENG, WI and NZ).

posted on 29-9-2003 at 05:53

Ricky Ponting:

Since he found his form against England in the fourth away test , Ponting has scored 2304 runs in 26 tests at 72.00 with 10 centuries and 6 fifties.

In his last three series(ENG, WI, BAN), he has scored 1009 runs at 72.07 with 5 centuries and 2 fifties.


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We know that he is one of the most talented bats man.But in the middle of his career he remain in off form.So that many months he had out off the australian tram.

October 1, 2003, 07:12 PM
Gary Kirsten:

Another in-form batsman. In his last three test series, he has scored 2 centuries, 4 fifties at 51.16.