View Full Version : Mashrafee's half century and the smiling coach

May 21, 2007, 06:20 PM
When Mashrafee Mortaza scored his maiden Test half century, on TV Dav Whatmore was seen all smiles and excited. His delight towards the occasion just shows how much he still is involved with the team as a coach.

For the last few weeks Bangladesh media and even in Bangla Cricket we have scrutinzed Dav Whatmore's actions because of his intention to coach the Indian team. However, for all people who were concerned that his mind would not be on the job at hand, I think his expression towards Mashrafee's match saving half century was be a perfect example of the man's dedication towards the BD team, Especially for the yellow journalism of bangladesh media.

Whatmore has been a key figure in the success of Bangladesh cricket. The expectation of us fans for the Bangladesh team to win is very much possible for his hard work with our players. He has successfully been able to install two very important qualities into the Bangladesh team. Belief to win and to fight till the very end. These two qualities, now firmly rooted into the team will help the BD cricket team to prosper and create true fighters in the future. I hope that BCB and the Bangladesh media stop taking pot shots at this great coach and give him a wonderful farewell at the end of this series. The man who very much brought Bangladesh cricket out of the dark ages should be given a bit more respect and honor.

May 21, 2007, 06:33 PM
Mortaza could well turn out to be our Shaun Pollack. Runs can be achieved on this pitch, and our top order needs to capitalize. Batting and Bowling performances like this (including Rajib) can insipire the rest of the boys. And it certainly did for Watmore..Agree that Watmore deserves a farewell with 'respect and honor'. Bng can still pull off an draw...Anything other than a win for India will only derail them..

May 21, 2007, 06:42 PM
Dunno about the media but you'll see most posters here couch their whatmore related postings with "with much respect and gratefulness for Dav's contributions ..." or words to those effect. He is free to conduct his career search in a manner he sees fit and as fans of our team we are free to question the methods chosen. You'll find not many people are accusing him of mailing it in - we'd just like things to be on the up and up :)

May 22, 2007, 12:00 AM
I for one thought, Mashrafee was saluting the coach at that time. Later Mashrafee did mention that Dav was the inspiration. Dav always thought very highly of Mashrafee..But the way Dav was excited made me have the goosebumps almost. He did it for the old man!! More importantly, he did it for all of us.. What a show, One of the best moment of Bangladesh cricket I have seen. Saving Innings defeat was not what I thought that made the incident great,, but the defiance, the fight against all odds, against mighty Indians, against the pre-conceived defeat Bashar laid upon his team when he declared his failure to save the draw.. how Mashrafee and Shahadat turned things around made me thing... we have hope in these guys,, we have some brave hearts who will go down fighting until the last ball given.. thats what made last night's session special even though it wont be recorded as one of the magnificient moments of our history of cricket.. and Dav was there to bravo the young King.. :)