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May 29, 2007, 05:22 AM
We have a good number of Indian members here. I am opening this thread to know their version about the gain of India from Bangladesh tour in which they won the ODI series after some scare in the first ODI, and after emphatically won the last Test after drawing the first Test.

Here's my point of view

1. Winning both series after world cup debacle.
2. Apparent unity within the team.
3. Finding a opening pair in the Test
4. Getting some confidence back before England tour.
5. Good debut of Piyush Chawla

India still have a lot of worries which they failed to resolve from the Bangladesh tour.

1. Lack of bite in bowling attack in absence of Anil Kumble.
2. Poor performance from the new generation which should be major concern for India. Ramesh Powar was more than ordinary , VRV Singh, Ishant Sharma failed to impress anyone.
3. Poor fielding and dropped catches.
4. India's old problem of removing the tail whenever required.
5. Too much dependence on experienced pros, who are nearing retirements, for success.

Definitely I have missed many. Any other thoughts from anyone ?

And from the Indian members.

May 29, 2007, 05:48 AM
The way I see it India has gain thier confidence back, So has England after beating West Indies. India will do well against England but they would have to work hard. I dont think India's batting line up is in top form. I know they have scored 600+ run in their last effort which 4 century and a half century but it was against weak bowling attack ( i mean no Rajib, mash not 100% fit) plus it was belter of a pitch. Any way I wish them Good Luck.

May 29, 2007, 09:05 AM
The one Good thing from the WC Debacle was that fans started moving away from Cricket which was a good thing.None of the Other sports are ever recognised or acknowledged here.The win has spoilt it and ppl are back to watching it.All the cricketers ads are back on TV.
The Test matches were not shown on National Television ,hence majority of ppl here have not had the opportunity to watch the matches.
Found a sponser for the England tour.
Shewag could have had his last match.
Still cannot contain aggressive batting(Mash/Ash)
Fitness worries for everyone,how different can BD climate be from Indian??

May 29, 2007, 09:22 AM
Well, honestly, its interesting to see how many teams are busy in a confidence gaining exercise after the world cup: India, Pakistan (the two worst hit teams), England and West Indies. And Bangladesh apparantly is busy in a confidence losing exercise:D (hoping for the best in future)

The Indian team certainly gained what they wanted to gain from this series: confidence. The team was absolutely broken after the world cup blunders. Therefore, this victory has also created a bond. Even though this victory comes against a weak bowling attack and a suicidal batting line-up, it means a lot to India. Particularly the series ended on a very high note. Even though I had sarcastically raised the possiblity of the match getting over in three days before it started, I never really expected it to happen. But the Indians played some great cricket and won the match with a very high margin breaking a few records on the way.

Future is interesting for India. The team still has the big names and those names are back amongst some runs. Sreesanth and Munaf will come back. Names like Balaji and Nehra might resurface if they are well enough for the England tour (England would still be scared of Nehra:D).

What I am waiting for is the tour to Australia later this year. That will be some exciting criciet if India succeeds in raising the stard of cricket enough by then.

May 29, 2007, 09:31 AM
Surfer, India's main vision according to media was to look for the future and to get some places for the youngsters.

Considering that aspect, India have failed badly, same old pros and same old story. No one is getting ready to take responsibility from them.

Dinesh Karthik might be an exception, but again he will not get life after life against a better opposition.

DJ Sahastra
May 29, 2007, 11:43 AM
For India, this was a lose-lose series. But there has been some gains:

1. Sachin's consecutive hundreds. Hopeflly, it will free him up to play his natural game. If not, my last hope of seeing Sachin of the past would be over.

2. Zaheer's creditable performance.

3. Healthy rivalry between Dhoni & Karthik

4. Slow brooding of Piyush Chawla.

Ishant Sharma is fine. The idea was to give him the taste of international cricket.

5. Likes of Mongia to be discarded forever

6. R P Singh gets some confidence

7. Kumble crosses the 550 mark and still shows the same enthusiasm

8. Dravid's attitude to gamble for a win.

May 29, 2007, 10:16 PM
india has started to get its confidence back and the effects of chappelization are getting removed now. their is some unity in the team . also, the way ind celebrated after winning the test & odi series showed what it meant to us.

this series could be the end of sehwag & mongia. also, tendulkar & ganguly were found batting for their 100s & not for his team. so they must retire now. its no use playing selfishly.

the positives were the emergence of piyush chawla