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May 31, 2007, 03:31 AM
One thing I always lover BC for was its minimalistic approach towards sub-forums,while in many forums,users get lost in jungles of subforums,unsure where to go,BC stood out with only 6 destinations,each clearly planned out.

Then came the WC forums,and sure,they were huge successes,but I believe the designers has taken the wrong cue with those forums.Those forums got popular because there was no other way BC could incorporate such huge events.

But some new sub-forum additions to the BC index are completely useless,in my opinion,and thread numbers suggest that I am right.

The classified section has been an innovative idea,but it does not seem to attract any attention at all from members and ad-givers.I believe it's time this project is discontinued,or maybe you can give it a month or more of evaluation time,but not more than that.

The BC Articles and threads has been a good move,but useless,we can easily get the article updates at Bdcric forum,and if it is to be continued,I suggest it to be moved as a sub forum in the BDcric froum,not as one in the index.

The BCB media releases one is the most annoying to me.It might serve to group all authentic info together,but I certainly see no need to get a separate forum for this, If you really want it to stay,I'd rather rename the 'BC articles and Bulletins' to 'Articles and Bulletins' and get it as a subforum there.But honestly,this subforum is totally a blunder.

And the get together one,these threads can easily be stickied in FC as before,and unstickied when the Get together is done,the one's who want to find them can always find them there.To the most,it deserves nothing more than a subforum of FC,but please get it out of the index.

Minimalistic approach is what people like,for our minds like simple ideas,lazy minds do not want to swim through complex choices,as google has so clearly proven.So please please move these annoyances away from the index.

I know whoever designed the new directory has put quite some effort in that,but you have to criticize one when he does something wrong,otherwise he will not improve,so sir,you have done quite a mess messing with the forums,please undo the changes and get back to Babylon.

May 31, 2007, 04:37 PM
I added the new categories and subforums.

You are a whining minimalist. The forum index is not supposed to be a piece of art to look at for hours, searching for symmetry, proportion and minimalist cues. It's not supposed to be the spartan front page of a search engine. It's a page giving users direction. A directory page.

Most people do not spend their time on the index page. They just go there for direction.

Most people are not whining minimalists. They just want to get on with the discussions.

The index is not "crowded". It is categorized and layered.

The Cricket category contains the two principal and most dynamic forums that are meant for cricket discussion and it is at the top, emphasizing its importance.

The Archive category, as the name suggests, contains what are supposed to be mostly static content that we deem valuable and don't want to die away in the Cricket forums.

The Miscellaneous category is self-explanatory. The get together forum is just a nod to a new trend that seems to be picking up (and was wrongly getting stickied in the Bangladesh Cricket forum), and the other two forums were there already.

The main design considerations that prompted me to make these categories and subforums are:

1. Stickies are annoying. Managing stickies (sticky/unsticky) is a stupid little chore for the admins. Down with stickies.
2. Subforums inside a forum are annoying.
3. Thoughtful categorization is good.
4. Important things (from the viewpoint of BC) should not just die away in vibrant forums.

June 1, 2007, 02:05 AM
BTW, feel free to criticize more if you want. I am not trying to shut you out with my reply.

June 9, 2007, 12:26 PM
Arnab vai, can we get Banglacricket green theme a little bit modified so that the post backgrounds are white? That'd be awesome.Or you can make another Theme with the button's from green named Banglacricket white,the green actually don't suite the eye that well.

BTW,can you rename the thread "design suggestions" so that we can put all our design suggestions here.