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June 7, 2007, 09:14 AM
An article from cricinfo mentioning how PAK preparing their young pacers.
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Fews things noted here from above article:
1) This is what Wasim said, ""First thing is the run-up. Then the pace of the kid. Then whether they have a cricket brain. Then the fitness. Then how hungry he is. With good fast bowlers you spot these qualities within a few over".
A good sum up what a pacer really needs to have. I believe lot of our pacers should concentrate on those attributes what akram mentioned.

2) "A finishing school of pace"...Wasim and others are doing a great job by providing this sort of training to the young pacers.

3) "One of 11 player development programmes over the next six months, this camp marked the National Cricket Academy's return to life. "
They are organizing lot of programs to select the "best", though PAK has lots of pace talents, still they go through so many development programs to choose the best. Imagine how many we will require to find the best!

4) "Myself and Waqar would help each other and younger bowlers around us. In this team, only Shoaib is experienced and, because of his injuries, he hasn't been around much. With a young team like this, you need someone around, for advice, for tips." Aaqib is more blunt: "What advantage is gained from not having a coach? Give me just one."
It also implies for our team which is young and also needs a specialist coach and customized program desperately which is missing for a while.

5) Akram said, "Akram. "If you are fit you will suffer less, if you aren't, you will [suffer] more. Fast bowlers play with niggles anyway, a little twinge or ache, but you just get on with it. Or at least we did."

Wasim said what they went through and emphasize the importance of fitness. We have physical therapist, sport specialist for our national team, but do we have anyone for the development squads we have(excluding U-19).

6) Also it was mentioned that MRI scan has been taken of the knees of the bowlers at the camp. It shows how important it is to provide good health to the developing bowlers to make them fit and mature and thus prepare them for national level and as it was mentioned in the article it will help them pre-empt injuries.

We all hope that we also get these facilities as early as possible for our young pacers to grow and develop their skills. If you fail to do so, our team will suffer and our pacers will suffer too when they will be picked for national squad.

June 7, 2007, 10:47 AM
That is what it is it. Folks to fall back when needed. Akram had Imran and Mudassar (master of swing).

All test nations youngsters have someone to fall back to except us. That is why we need a structured institution where we would have foreign coaches helping the the academy and age grouped boys. A domestic structure where each team would have a coach and facilities for the players. That is why we are still a todler in the test arena. Expectation of heavy beatings should be normal. Once a generation of Ash, Aftab, Mash retires only then we would be as strong as if not more than the other nations. That is still a minumim of 10 years away.

We always criticise our batsmen for not having the tempartment for playing the longer innings. Yet we see youngsters like Thanranga, cook and others adopting much faster than our talented boys. Why? Because they have the Jayasuriya, Sangakkara, Jayawardenes to fall back to. Those had De Silva, Ranatunga to fall back to. We have no one. That is why our learning curve is so steep. That is why we do so well in the age group yet can't compete for 12 sessions in a row. We don't have the senior players who would teach these boys how to play the game (tempartment).