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June 17, 2007, 04:12 PM
Zidane hails ‘immortal’ Becks
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Zinedine Zidane, the greatest global superstar of the past decade, has delivered an astonishing verdict on his old team-mate David Beckham.
The former World Player of the Year talking to Sunday Mirror said, ‘David is immortalised in football history. He is one of the game’s greatest players. He knows his own strengths and weaknesses, he’s very resilient.’
France and Real Madrid legend Zidane has teed up a fitting finale for Beckham as the former England captain says an emotional farewell to the Bernabeu on Sunday.
A Real win over Real Mallorca will guarantee that Becks leaves with a La Liga title – as well as the adulation of an adoring Madrid public.
And Zidane, who during his trophy-strewn career won La Liga and Champions League titles with Real, is convinced the Spanish giants have made a colossal mistake by allowing his friend to move to LA Galaxy this summer.
Reflecting on January, when Becks was told he would not get a new Real deal, Zizou said, ‘The damage had already been done, they should have done more to keep him.
‘There was never any doubt in my mind that he wanted to end his career at the club. But what is the point of staying somewhere you’re clearly not wanted?
‘Is it a big mistake?
‘Absolutely. I think Madrid should have done everything in their power to keep him because he’s unique. They won’t find it easy to replace him – it’s almost impossible.
‘I think he’s saddened by his departure.
‘It’s not what he wanted. I don’t think he ever thought it would end like this.’
Yet amid all the sadness, Zidane believes suggestions that Beckham is ready to be put out to grass in California are totally wide of the mark.
He added, ‘He could have continued playing at the highest level in Europe for a few more years but he’s taken on a different kind of challenge in America.
‘He’s far too driven to even think about taking it easy.
‘If anything he will probably be more determined because people have questioned the move. If you look at his form in recent months I don’t think anyone can really question whether he has the drive to compete.
‘Look at England. People had written him off and he comes back even stronger. It was the same with Madrid. Even when some people said he would never play for the club again he just put his head down and worked hard to play himself back into the team.
‘Reaction to adversity is one of David’s great strengths. Some players would just give up, but he doesn’t know the meaning of the word.
‘Do England have a better player than David? Even they realise that they have made mistakes – just look at his form since he came back. The only thing that surprised me was England leaving him out in the first place.

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This is life,one day you are Fakir,and the next day,You are Amir.:)

June 18, 2007, 12:35 AM
Beckham is a good player, no doubt, but he is not the world 's best ever player as his fans make him out to be. His performance thsi season was good after 2-3seasons fo rubbish , and it doesnt make sense to consider him the world's best player just because of half a good season. Last night Real actually scored 3 goals after Beckham left the pitch.

Zidane is a humble character which is why he is praising Beckham.

June 18, 2007, 06:15 AM
Was Zidane, my favorite player BTW, on something ?

June 22, 2007, 12:43 AM
zizooo!,zizooo! #1