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October 9, 2003, 08:56 PM
From the New Age:

Hat-trick but no hangover, says Kapali

I would like to forget the incident and I believe Rashid Latif has been punished enough. I have no grudge against to him.


Alok Kapali, the wonder boy of Bangladesh cricket, has earned huge media attention on the tour of Pakistan for different reasons. He made a hat-trick and was the victim of a controversial caught behind by Pakistani captain Rashid Latif. He was also hit by a deadly bouncer from Sabbir Ahmed but showed a lot of courage by coming back the next day to face the Pakistan paceman. Kapali was awarded a gold medal along with three other team-mates by Pakistan President Parvez Musaraf for his outstanding performance. Ahead of the home series against England, he spoke to New Age about the great moments and something more.

New Age: How did you feel after earning the hat-trick in the Peshewar Test?
Alok Kapali: The feeling was definitely good. This was the first hat-trick for my country and I felt proud for this. It was an unbelievable achievement. I cannot tell you how I have done it. When I got two wickets in the last two deliveries of that particular over, for the first time I thought a hat-trick would not be impossible and it came to a reality on the first delivery of my next over. I believe luck was with me.
NA: Did you ever dream of making a hat-trick in international cricket?
AK: To be frank, I had never dreamt of a hat-trick. In fact, playing cricket at the highest level was beyond my expectation. When I got the call for the Sri Lanka tour, I had thought that at best I could be a stand-by player. But I fared well in the practice matches and got the final nod. My initial job was to get a place in the first eleven. However, after cementing my place in the team, I became determined to do something extraordinary.
NA: Who helped you most in your career?
AK: I am grateful to my last two coaches — Mohsin Kamal and Ali Zia. They picked me for the national team and injected in me the confidence to survive. My captain in Sylhet team Parvez and one senior Sylheti umpire Arman have helped me a lot throughout my career.
NA: You were picked for the national team as a bowling all-rounder. Do you think it remains same at the moment?
AK: I would definitely like to believe that I am an all-rounder. Yes, it is true I was picked as a bowling all-rounder. But my view was something different. Batting was my first priority and then bowling. And this remains unchanged. I am trying hard to improve my bowling. I took some tips from Stuart McGill when I was in Australia. My coach Dav Whatmore is also working on my bowling.
NA: What about your Test performance? You are not in a good form, it seems.
AK: I agree with you. My Test performance has not been good after the home series against the West Indies. I played a few good innings against them but failed subsequently. I am trying hard to overcome the slump in Test cricket. I believe it is just a matter of time.
NA: You look confident at the beginning of every innings whatever might be the situation. What is the secret?
AK: My first tour with the Bangladesh team to Sri Lanka was real confidence-booster. Before the tour I only saw Muralitharan, Jayasuria on television. I spent a few sleepless nights before my debut. But when I got the nod, I started to play, full of confidence. I took international cricket just like domestic cricket and it became easier that way. Now I can play any bowler without any fear. I played most of my big innings under pressure. This has also helped me keep calm and collected. I am never under too much pressure and want to play my natural game.
NA: What was your thought after being caught behind, controversially, one must say, by the Pakistani captain Rashid Latif at a crucial moment of the Multan Test.
AK: Initially, I thought Latif had taken the catch perfectly. But when I came back to the dressing room I came to know I was not out. It was very disappointing. I thought the umpires could have asked for a television replay. However, I would like to forget the incident and I believe Rashid Latif has been punished enough. I have no grudge against to him at the moment.
NA: Before the controversial dismissal, you resumed the innings with a serious head injury after being hit by a bouncer the previous day. Did you think that you would make a comeback?
AK: When the bouncer hit me, initially I thought it was simple. But when Rajin Saleh rushed to me I became anxious. And then I saw blood pouring down. It made me dumbfounded. It could have been a sad incident of my career, if I had to stay off the next day. The day was very crucial for us and it was more important for me to come back.
NA: You have always enjoyed media focus. How does it feel?
AK: Definitely, I enjoy this. In my childhood, I never thought of attracting such media attention. I think it’s a kind of encouragement. I will try my best to be in the spotlight for good cricketing reasons.

October 9, 2003, 09:01 PM
I guess thats one good thing they did!

I really liked his last comment. I don't think there is anything wrong with players saying that they like the attention, but he said that he wants to be in the spotlight for cricketing reasons.

October 9, 2003, 09:14 PM

October 9, 2003, 09:34 PM
Hannan, Rajin and kapali... There is more than one cricketing nation who would be right to be jealous, of the bankable future stars BD seems to have coming out of the woodwork.

The difference between ZIM, KEN and BD is, that only BD has the fresh talent stepping up in numbers, to upgrade the ageing hardware.

October 9, 2003, 09:36 PM
Enjoyed the article. Seems that he knows what his response should be for each situation, i.e perception skills.
But above all, good sportsmanship in a sport with increasing incidences of rude behaviour.
I wonder who his role models are?

October 10, 2003, 01:36 AM
But the difference between Zimbabwe and Bangladesh is, when Bangladesh produces players in numbers, Zimbabwe produces them in quality, have you seen Sean Ervine against Australia? He is really stepping up in this Australia tour.

October 10, 2003, 01:48 AM
What is the link for New Age? I can't find it.

October 10, 2003, 03:06 AM

October 10, 2003, 03:50 AM
Who were the other three to be given medals?

Carte Blanche
October 10, 2003, 05:00 AM
The eleven who played at the first test. The current pakistani squad, and the alive members of the Pakistani team that played their first ever test match.

October 10, 2003, 12:57 PM
Kapali didn't disappoint me in his interview. He seems to be a decent person with realistic ideas mixed with humble attitude.
I am sure in time he will grow up to be one of the greatest cricketer of Bangladesh.
Talent is not a jargon that God put into you when you were born. You develop your talent with a very strong will power.
I am for one glad to see Mr. Kapali has that conviction and resolve.