View Full Version : One Babita Khatun and Amla village from Kushtia

August 4, 2007, 01:30 PM

The smiling young girl is "Babita Khatun" who has won a recird 11 gold medal in the "23rd National Age Group Swimming Competition at the National Swimming Complex yesterday". She helped Bangladesh Ansar to clinch the top spot in the competition.

News link (http://thedailystar.net/2007/08/05/d70805040224.htm)

After receiving 50,000 taka as reward she didn't hide her joy.

"My family is not well-off that's why the money will help us lot," she said.

Unfortunately these talents like "Babita Khatun" can never bloom into their full potential due to lack of facilities. I am sure if she was born in any western countries she could have earned Olympic medals through proper grooming.

Surprisingly Bangladesh Ansar have won 46 gold medals in the competition and all their gold winners are from one particular village of Bangladesh, "Amla Village" from Kushtia. Now, if one village can produce such talents with very little efforts, imagine a nationwide proper grooming would have done wonders in Bangladeshi swimming. We really has got the potential to become one of the leading country in swimming, at least in South Asia.

August 4, 2007, 07:54 PM
i hope the reward goes some way towards helping her family. i also wish that it would inspire her to take part in further championships.