View Full Version : India depend on always batting line up.

September 3, 2007, 12:57 AM
India always depend on batting.If the opening pair dose not stand or 2/3 wicket fall on earlier,the middle order men do not save India.I see very less time the middle order good performance.India has no alternative to block other team by anyway.The other team like Australia,Pakistan,or west Indies they block them in bowling or fielding .In 1983 world cup India won by only bowling ,they limited to west Indies by 143, such type of game does not see to watch.If India does not be strong in other field ,would not succeed.:lol:

September 3, 2007, 06:42 AM
Nurturing and developing good bowlers and fielders will help. India was beginning to look good at one point when it came to both. Then the Nehra injury and the goading of Irfan Pathan screwed things up royally. Benching a top fielder like Mohammad Kaif didn't help either. Now in addition to those three, India has good fielders like Karthik, and decent enough bowlers like RP Singh and Srisanth to backup Zaheer at his prime. Chawla and Ranadev Bose are better than good. Powar, a very good ODI bowler, can become a good fielder if and when he takes it easy on the full cream curd and loses a lot of that weight. His talents are being weighed down literally by that high fat diet. BCCI should do there best to set these guys up for success and not waste time with the highly questionable talents of Ishant Sharma and what not. The name Laksmipati Ballaji should ring a bell or two.