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September 10, 2007, 03:03 AM
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Working rhythm-2 (top) and Unknown faces-2 by Mohammad Iqbal

Semi-abstract with pulsating motifs
Mohammad Iqbal's solo exhibition at Bengal
Fayza Haq

Mohammad Iqbal, who is doing his PhD in fine arts, is currently holding his solo exhibition at the Bengal Gallery, Dhanmondi. Most of his works are semi-abstract oils ranging from blues to pinks. Iqbal, who has been fascinated with drawing and painting from his childhood, was encouraged by his mother.

At the Institute of Fine Arts (IFA), Kazi Abdul Baset, Rafiqun Nabi and Mahbubul Amin -- his teachers -- guided and inspired him. Iqbal is also inspired by works of Picasso, Tapis and Miro. “When I was a student at IFA, we did a lot of outdoor and home based work, a practice which I feel is relaxed somewhat these days. We enjoyed studying forms and colours in Old Dhaka, Rayerbazar and the riverside such as Kamrangir Char,” says Iqbal.

The artist works in oil as it has greater longevity than most other mediums. Also he feels comfortable painting with oil rather than anything else. Staying and living in Japan, he says, he gets the opportunity to study masters who are exhibited at the galleries there. “Japan is progressive not only economically but also culturally,” Iqbal comments. He is happy with his teachers whom he finds very encouraging, in particular, Sakata Tetsuya. Iqbal says he misses home, but is impressed with the refined taste and etiquette of the Japanese people.

There are two types of work on display at the exhibition. Some of the pieces are abstract while in some he has brought in figures, with children's faces on large canvas. The exhibition titled “Distant Skies” deals with the ruination of our environment with pollution. Although we have progressed technically, there is an overwhelming fear of destruction of nature, Iqbal says. He is concerned by the adverse affect of civilisation ...

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Just incredible stuff ...

September 10, 2007, 03:12 PM
very interesting post sohel. intriguing paintings. would love to have seen larger versions. if you could dig up the artists website that would be of even more interest to me. are you planning on attending?

i notice that one of his teachers is rafiqun nabi. nabi is a friend of a very close friend of my father and is himself a very accomplished artist. my father's friend nazrul chacha had one of his paintings. this was an oil on canvas depicting the back of a canvas! as a child that picture gave me much amusement!