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August 31, 2002, 04:21 AM
Not my lines - go to this site and see for yourself (if you are in a hurry, then don't bother to go - there is nothing much inside).

Source: http://sport.iafrica.com/cricket/

Bangladesh squad for maiden South Africa tour - and also inaugural international match between Bangladesh and South Africa national teams will be announced on 3rd or 4th of September - before the ICC Championship tournament in SL.

September 2, 2002, 10:09 PM
Considering that neither of Sharif, Mashrafe and Tareq Aziz Khan are injured and will not go to South Africa, following are my choice: (both tests and one dayers)

1) Rokon
2) Golla
3) Rafiqul
4) Sumon
5) Sanwar
6) Tushar Imran
7) Pilot
8) Sujon*
9) Rafique*
10) Talha
11) Monju

12) Ashraful
13) Tapash Baisya
14) Mridul
15) Sumit

*Sujon and Rafique are in the test team also because they need the time and the opportunity to adjust themselves in the South African conditions and what are better opportunities than test matches?

For the same reason, Akram, Bulbul and Moni are not in this team because they do not have any chance to play in the world cup 2003. But I will not exclude them totally - I would tell them to be fit and prepared for the test matches coming up right after the world cup.

September 3, 2002, 10:46 AM
Rokon starts hitting from ball one, scores some quick runs and get out fast, putting the pressure on the middle order. Either he needs to learn to hang in there or he will be gone soon from the test squad. Even Hannan looks more patient than him.

I think Rokon makes an excellent ODI opener.

The rest of the team looks good.
Ash might go in instead of Ragiq/sanwar.

As for bowling, Allah help us.

September 3, 2002, 11:53 AM
Kriralok said that Azhar Hossain Shantu, chacha of Mehrab Hossain Opee, who scored the maiden One Day fifty for Bangladesh, he scored that fifty in 120 odd balls.

Strike Rate wise in One Day Cricket, Ashraful is our best batsman, and then comes Sujon.

I could not find Rafique's strike rate anywhere, if I had, then maybe Rafique would have been the number third or second or may be first in this list.