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October 7, 2007, 10:51 PM
You Know You're From Dhaka When:

-you don't call/spell it Dacca
-You remember the time manik mia avenue was..well..bigger..with less..trees
-"Trade Fair"
- You can usually tell where exactly one out of the hundren thousand concerts is actually taking place, and it'll be over by the time you get there, or be so hot that you'll end up leaving anyway
- as a kid, sweet stores (like i dont know, Bismillah? or Ali Baba?) fascinated you with dozens of coloured sweets propped up behind the glass cases
- you know how amazing sweets are when they're handed out in milads in tiny square boxes with atleast one shondesh, one roshogolla, and something like a shingara.
-you buy your electronics or get them fixed at the Stadium
-you know that everyone in the city is related to each other...
- you know the words to the song "porey na chokhe polok"
-you know either Film Fair or Video Connection
-you can't make your mind up about the caretaker government
-you know what the Black Belt Academy is
-you identify with the adventures of a certain Danger Man ( i do believe there's a whole other group dedicated to Ferdous Wahid)
-before fantasy kingdom we had shishu park
-bangla tv channels have more talk shows and cooking shows than anyhting else
-you have a love/hate relationship with Almas
-before movenpic there was rainbow
-before rainbow there was dolce vita
-before that were the ice cream wallahs going by uour house
-you got up super early when you were a kid to watch spiderman and/or teenage mutant ninja turtles when you were a kid
-you like an unusual amount of sugar in your tea
-tea time is an actual meal and can take place between 4 3 0 and 7.00 pm.
-boishakhi mela!!!
-does anyone remember "i love cheesecake"?
-its FUCHKA not paani puri
-you were there before the supermarkets took over..before that you had actual grocery stores..if you lived in Dhanmondi you'd go to Titash
- evening tea accompaniments include daal puris, shingaras, and sweets of the roshogolla, chom-chom, kalo-jaam kind
-in the summer mangoes are literally everywhere...its pickled, in a bhorta, in your daal, with your ice cream, in your glass as juice..everywhere
- you know what real rain is
-you at one point owned a little clay bank with a slot to put in coins and money. and you know the joy of breaking it into bits....
-getting money on eid is just about the most important thing of your year.
-if you're a girl you've gone to chandi chawk before eid to buy material for clothers really cheap
-you watched Ittadi every Eid
-you totally watched the Bangla movies on Friday afternoons on BTV
-you've interned at GRAMEEN, (Brac??)
you watched Tipu Sultan, Alif Laila, and Aaj Robibar
-you know how HAPPY you can feel when you're studying for a test one evening, when your mom comes into the room and tells you that school's cancelled tomorrow cause its a hartal
-there is atleast one beggar who sings outside your house on Fridays
-you appreciate the beauty of a Friday morning breakfast
- sometimes you do find amazing concerts in the city
-you understand what "jotil prem" stands for
- Mr Navy is part of your childhood
- you either hate or love the d juice ads with a passion
- you try to find at least one balcony in your house where your friends can smoke without your parents finding out
-you think uttara is so far away from everything WELL IT ISN'T! i live there and its LOVELY
-you've been to Jadughar for some cultural performance
-you're proud of Professor Yunus when he's mentioned in a classroom
-you have monthly fights with the Cable people about your bill
- you know you secretly like those small "pizza" places which basically serve meat and cheese on dough
- you spend half your life in a traffic jam, in the rain, observing a men peeing on the road, rickshaw drivers getting into acts of random violence, or the traffic police trying to get bribed (wait do they even have to try anymore?)
- you know the difference between gulshan I and gulshan II (hey i still cant even tell sometimes)
- you know who salaam sir is
- you've shopped at bongo..bought 20 items..for 200 bucks... came home to find that 10 of said items have defects..you like them anyway
- your old school must have had atleast one mutant math teacher
- the kaal boishakhi jhor takes your breath away every summer
- you've wanted to have your wedding at Shenakunjo
- you wished you lived in Cantonement where there's no traffic, lots of trees, and no noise
-you thought motijheel was a much bigger place when you were a kid
-you remember Dhanmondi from before it was only apartment buildings, and it had those cute red bricked houses and the lake didn't have as much poo in it
- you know where Candyfloss is.. and can swear they have the best cold coffee in the whole wide world
- you know the chotpoti place next to Candyfloss..also amazing
- you know where to get the best DVDs for the lowest prices and brag about it in other countries ( don't go to Fahim they rip people off i swear)
- you can find some of your favourite restaurants on one road
- you feel ripped off by Movenpic but end up with your friends there anyway
-one of your parents has taken you to the Boi Mela in February
- you use the time you're stuck in traffic to catch up on sleep or homework or phone calls
-you've gotten lost in New Market once
-you've bought a poster of sharukh khan from new market
- you and your friends always complain that there's no where to go and nothing to do in the city, but end up enjoying yourselves anyway
- you've been to fantasy kingdom once and had a good time
-you have at some point threatened to set fire to the DCC people because of the mosquito menace
-you watched the Meena cartoons...and was in awe of her mutitasking (keeping Mithu the parrot in line, studying and doing the housework) capabilities...
-you have at some point nearly killed yourself when the electricity went out just in time for your favourite tv show/important game
- you know that boys like to play POOL
- you DO miss Don Giovanni's
- you've driven to ashulia on a pretty day. you remember it before it got developed.
- you like looking at the city lit up on Eid (well kind of..i dont think they do it anymore)
- you like wedding food in december! atleast the potatoes in the biryani?
-you go to weddings without knowing the name of the bride or groom
- you laugh at people with an american accent but chances are you have one yourself anyway
- the night before eid appeals to you more than eid itself...
- you know Cathay has the best chinese food in the world.
- you HATE looking at the newpaper in the morning because its just depressing
-you've turned off your cell phone to prevent your parents locating you, came home late with a whole speech prepared about how much Grameen phone reception sucks
- if you have the Daily Star in your house then "Write to Mita" on Friday's is your guilty pleasure
-all the "malls" are IDENTICAL.
-there are wierd men hanging around the malls leering at the women
-you've bought your textbooks either at New Marker or Nilkhet and not only from Boi Bichitra
-you've wrapped your textbooks in brown paper atleast ONCE.
-you've searched far and wide to find photocopied editions of those expensice o level textbooks
-you saw the natok "kothao keo nei" when you were a kidand cried when Baaker Bhai died in the end
-as a kid you went to Kintuki on thursday nights
- you don't understand this fascination for cricket but you watch the Pakistan- Bangladesh games anyway.
-OR you are so fanatical about cricket, you can't find the point where politics ends and sport begins
-OR you are so fed up with politics in sports you resort to watching football instead and become a staunch man.u. fan
-you've thought the roads near Dhaka University are pretty because of all the old trees
- you've tasted those amazing plain chicken sandwiches (the kind thats wrapped in paper) from Cooper's ..ooh soo good
- you've bickered with a rickshaw driver once in your life and been defeated shamefully
-you think green herald is a fictional school because you've never seen it (haha ok then its just me then, fine)
- one teacher at SOME point in your life has definetely called you "a stupid"
- you know what toast biscuits are ...and REAL CHA..
- you know how funny it was this last summer when Brazil and Argentina lost out on the world cup.. but people still had their flags up
- every guy you know between the ages of 14 and 22 is in a band. seriously.
- you have atleast one item in your room from Aarong
- you love the rain in April
- you hate the rain by September
- you hate the corruption, you hate the weather, you hate the constant black outs, you hate the politics, you hate the violence, you hate the police, you hate the slow internet, you hate that they take away alot of channels off Cable, and you swear to god that if ONE MORE fried chicken franchise opens up you'll scream
-you're praising it, but you're not even in the country, and you're getting an econ degree from another nation.
- you still hate it when other people make fun of it though.
- you kind of, sort of, maybe, miss it? no? ok.


October 9, 2007, 05:05 AM
Couldnt finish..

October 9, 2007, 01:40 PM
...abar jeegai

October 9, 2007, 02:05 PM
Couldnt finish..
surui korte to parlam na.

October 9, 2007, 02:16 PM
You know you are from Dhaka when

Umm ... when you're really from 'sy' ???

October 9, 2007, 03:41 PM
when you have so much time on your hand...

October 9, 2007, 03:45 PM
You know you are from Dhaka when

you don't post something like this.

October 9, 2007, 04:39 PM
Umm ... when you're really from 'sy' ???

well i was born in sy...but livedd in dhaka for a whilee..

October 9, 2007, 06:37 PM
This thread makes no sense.

You are from Dhaka IF you have watched Tipu Sultan and talk shows are shown on TV ????????

The other Districts can also view these via TV , you know!

You do know that there are a LOT more districts than just Dhaka and Sylhet in Bd , right?

October 9, 2007, 10:05 PM
well i was born in sy...but livedd in dhaka for a whilee..

NOI my beloved countryman ... but allow me a little frivolity here: -

All Dhakaiyas are Bangladeshi, but not all Bangladeshis are Dhakayia ... ... :D

There are New Yorkers and there are people who live in New York ... n'est ce pas? Our 'দেশের বাড়ি' is Johnson Road in Old Dhaka ... :)

Coming from a Khaas Dhakaiya with some 'greater' Noakhailla (originally Dhakaiya before the British era posting) blood ... ;)

Peace and BTW ... Shah Abdul Karim rocks and Alok Kapali will someday soon !!! ... :)

October 10, 2007, 12:27 PM
You Know You're From Dhaka When You Use Very "Distinct" Terms:

1. dhun-foon
2. gabay
3. abar jigs
4. bepar na
5. shala

could not finish ...... someone please add more...

October 10, 2007, 12:34 PM
6. ja fott
7. joteeel
8. koteeen
9. aabjab pechal
10. ajaira alaap
11. tui geli ??

:) :)
You Know You're From Dhaka When You Use very "distinct" terms:

1. dhun-foon
2. gabay
3. abar jigs
4. bepar na
5. shala

could not finish ...... someone please add more...

October 10, 2007, 01:00 PM
You Know You're From Dhaka When You Use very "distinct" terms:

1. dhun-foon
2. gabay
3. abar jigs
4. bepar na
5. shala

could not finish ...... someone please add more...

had to add my fav one: PURAA TASHKI.....:-D

October 10, 2007, 01:01 PM
one more :

ajaira pechal

October 10, 2007, 03:03 PM
The thread title should have been something like this:

You know you are from the early 90's living in Dhaka: Then...

add "Dolce Vita", "Movenpick", "Mr Navy is part of your childhood??", "you either hate or love the d juice ads with a passion", "cell phones", "sharukh khan", "teenage mutant ninja turtles", Mushroom Universities, shopping malls. Cause my Dacca did not have any of these.

It was more like coopers was the only store in Dhanmondi where one could have good pastries, New Market and mena bazars to see the chics, to fly overseas one would have to go to the now old airport, Manik mia had two seperate lanes for Rickshaws, Hotel Intercontinental was the tallest building in Dacca (11 stories), Mirzapur Cadet College and Govt. Lab use to own the merit lists in SSC and Dhaka College was the sole owner for HSC, no one could get a 90 in Bengla and English 1st paper. :)

October 10, 2007, 03:35 PM
one more :

ajaira pechal

Adding ...

Tor kopaley mair asey
Torey mair dimu

October 10, 2007, 04:43 PM
bhaisobb..ECON..classe boisa boree hoia gechilam..tai valam kichu aktaa koree..mathai jaa aschee tai likaa faliasee...romzanerr mashh..achee..maff koiraa dienn..

October 10, 2007, 05:02 PM
maff koiraa dienn..

Thak thak... ta to korlam.... kintu kaan dhortey to boli nai amra (see your avatar (http://www.banglacricket.com/alochona/image.php?u=2221&dateline=1190398542) :-D)

October 10, 2007, 05:25 PM
bhaisobb..ECON..classe boisa boree hoia gechilam..tai valam kichu aktaa koree..mathai jaa aschee tai likaa faliasee...romzanerr mashh..achee..maff koiraa dienn..

I liked it though :)

October 10, 2007, 11:59 PM
bhaisobb..ECON..classe boisa boree hoia gechilam..tai valam kichu aktaa koree..mathai jaa aschee tai likaa faliasee...romzanerr mashh..achee..maff koiraa dienn..

Chillax bro, I rather liked the thought and goodwill that went into your original post ... just bein' a schmuck and smessin' with ya ... :big_hug: