View Full Version : Day 2 Observations

October 17, 2003, 07:26 AM
I start with a complaint. It's bad enough that a practise match can cause me to stay up late and have to trudge off to tired to work as early as always the next day. it's worse when i start a thread called "Observations.." write a boatload of stuff, go to post it and then realize I was not logged in therefore lost everything! Can we bring that feature back from the last incarnation of this board?

Anyway, a summary of positive and negatives will have to do, I can't type all that again. Forn England:

+ Surviving a king cobra attack. Bangladeshis + Chairs in a sporting event has always been a deadly combination
+ Brisk run rate of around 4 means Eng leave room for a victory should BD "A" self-destruct on Day 3 (always a possibility)
+ 3 50s, a good middle order recovery
- Top order failure leading to being dismissed in a DAY by Bangladeshi second stringers!

For Bangladesh:
+ The last point above
+ Pacers were great. Alamgir should get a call to the first test squad after two solid matches. 3 wickets, 2 catches plus wickets in 1st game - what else can he do.
+ Arafat Sunny - another useful find? I'm looking forward to this U-19 WC.
+ Fahim - again the performance doesn't live up to the hype. Mossadek as well. "very ordinary" indeed. Mossadek should have gotten a second spell perhaps? Big lesson: please don't name the friggin' test team until after the practise matches are over and please don't write stupid newspaper reports about who will play when you don't know squat!
+ Again, all together now" "Our A team dismissed England in a day", "Our A team dismissed England in a day" - forget the fact that they crossed 300.
- Golla is 0 n.o. He won't get much sleep and should have somehow crossed for a single. Jumma namaz-e special doa korben.

All in all, an intriguing 3rd day coming up!