View Full Version : Bangla Spell Checker for Firefox

January 8, 2008, 08:15 AM
Ankur has released a Bangla spell checker extension for Firefox and Thunderbird.
Currently it contains around 110k words, which they say will be increased in

Documentation: http://www.ankur. org.bd/wiki/ Documentation# Bangla_Spell_ Checking_ How-to (http://www.ankur.org.bd/wiki/Documentation#Bangla_Spell_Checking_How-to)
Extension: http://www.ankur. org.bd/downloads /spell_check/ mozilla/bn- BD_dictionary_ 0.02.xpi (http://www.ankur.org.bd/downloads/spell_check/mozilla/bn-BD_dictionary_0.02.xpi)

A very welcome addition to the world of Bangla computing,specially I I think it'll help those who are learning Bangla to improve their spelling.