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February 5, 2008, 11:17 AM
I love Basketball and today is a sad for me.

One of the greatest NCAA Division I coach of all time, Bobby Knight retires. He is 67. He started his head coaching job when he was 24. The youngest all time in the history of NCAA with Army.

I, with a millitary discipline in my blood love him. I overlook all his on the court issues. He is one of my heros. He is the ultimate old school teacher.

Just some highlights of his career:

1. 902 wins. Highest wins in NCAA men coaches. That includes Dean Smith (880) and John Wooden.
2. Youngest Headcoach till to date.
3. 1976 undefeated season at Indiana. No team/school has matched ever. Not Wooden's Karim, Walton all those great teams, not Dean Smith's Michael Jordan's team.
4. Not one, I repeat one, NCAA sanction against any of his team. 43 years is a long time as a headcoach in three schools. Army, Indiana, Texas Tech.
5. Olympic Gold in 84.
6. 3 NCAA championship with Indiana.
7. 29 times he had his team winning 20 games or more.
8. Graduation of the students were important that the game itself to him. They (his players) became real men.
And there are so many more...

Check out what others have to say for him:
What he did and how he did it made Knight a legend. However, the influence and discipline he brought to coaching made him special.
"Outside of my immediate family, no single person has had a greater impact on my life than Coach Knight," said Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski, who played for Knight at Army. "I have the ultimate respect for him as a coach and a mentor, but even more so as a dear friend. For more than 40 years, the life lessons I have learned from Coach are immeasurable. Simply put, I love him."
"I guess you can never be surprised at some of the things Bob does," former UCLA coach John Wooden told the AP. "I don't think there's ever been a better teacher of the game of basketball than Bob. I don't always approve of his methods, but his players for the most part are very loyal to him. I would say that no player that ever played for him would not say he did not come out a stronger person."

And finally please visit the link and you would true discover the legend on why he was the best. No compromise.

February 5, 2008, 11:26 AM
Bob Knight: A look back