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February 21, 2008, 11:19 PM
Cricket is a mind game. Its also about setting up your runs. Dominating the bowlers thought with your shots, playing style. You are a great batsmen if you can out think the bowler. If you put too much emotional effort on playing a shot; you are looking for trouble the next ball. The bowler is also making a bread and butter out there. Give him his due respect. Give respect to the ball. If it deserves a four by all means go for it. If it deserves a block, so be it. You don't have to be impatient to score. Let the bowler go impatient and bowl a bad ball. Let his morale down. Let his captain down by not giving up your wicket to a bad ball. Remember before the start of play they have put a price for your wicket. Which is measured by runs. Being a Bangladeshi it is usually very low. Get beyond that price tag and look for bad balls. They will be tired, frustrated and bowl bad balls or balls according to your playinng style. Even when you block a ball you tell the bowler to bowl the next ball to a certain line and length. Batting is tremendous charm. When you bat, you can actually talk to bowler without even saying a word. The bowler is also talking to you. He wants your wicket, his carrer might be on the line for it. You need runs, your carrer might be on the line for it. Negotiate with the bowler. If he doesn't come to your terms give him hard time out there. You should be fine. Batting is an art. An art of conversation. With the bowler and you. Sometimes with the whole opposition. Make eye contact. Negotiate. You should be able to talk. If you can speak or understand English well you should do fine in the invisible conversation. When you go down mid pitch to talk to your batting partner never get over-hyped and forget about the conversation you were having with the opposition. Remember lots of BD fans are wishing you well and you should be able to talk to the opposition bowler about your carrer. Look at Tendulkar, look into his eyes, can you see he is talking to someone? Can you see it? If you cannot see it you don't understand c about cricket, let alone be a cricketer. Look at Mike Hussey. Look at Gilchrist. All of them are having a nice conversation with the opposition. Setting up their price tag. Working out their bowlers. Dominating them. Reading their thoughts. They are concentrating hard. Because they don't want to interrupted while they are reading the game. You need to put some efforts into it. You need to think about it. When you are winning the negotiation and the conversation, opposition want to close the communication channel. They are frustrated, they want to change their game plan. Change your game, change the momentum. Don't let yourself down. When you are concentrating really well they want to disturb your thought process. Thats when sledging comes into play. Being a Bangladeshi batsman you rarely get into the sledging phase of cricket. Remember this is the best part of cricket. Cricket is not a gentlemen's game. Cricket teaches you about racism and sledging. If you never had to sledge or felt racist towards an opposition cricketer you never have played cricket. The best cricketers are the worst sledgers. Grow a thick skin or let your bat talk or get ready to be perished. Technique comes from the mind game. Its not copy book cricket. Develop your own technique to defend your mind play. Get the basics right. Learn to dominate. Have a conversation. Make eye contact. Don't lose confidence. Concentration is the key. Have faith.

Note: This is my first thread in long while. I will add to the first post sometimes later.

February 22, 2008, 06:58 AM
Now that was thought-provoking

February 22, 2008, 09:03 AM
job well done.. now go and make 11 copies for our players :-D

February 22, 2008, 09:13 AM
After 2 fours on Botha, he comes out and tries to take full advantage of the mind game. Parishes without a fight. Habitual.

When 50 is in sight, time and again, wants to get their with a bang. Bang backfires and gets him everytime. Habitual.

When the field setting is such they can't get the batsman out, you give them a gift, even though you are well set. Shamney pailey kaan mola first'a khaito. Tarpor ...

Thank you for memories, the game has past you. Stop blaming on luck.

This Mind game needs some physical punishment to kick in. Nazimuddin'rey jamon borof pani'tey chubaisilo eigular'o tai dorkar.

February 22, 2008, 04:56 PM
job well done.. now go and make 11 copies for our players :-D

And make sure they read every word.

February 22, 2008, 05:09 PM
And make sure they read every word.

Even if they do (which I highly doubt they will), they will forget every word the very next second.

February 22, 2008, 05:10 PM
...they can read, but do they understand what they read?

February 22, 2008, 05:14 PM
GuruTM, you have done well writing this, but these talended cricketers dont have enough register (memory space) in their brain to capture these thoughts.

Their register thinks about "lunch er shomoi to hoye elo, khokhon biriyani khabo".

February 22, 2008, 05:16 PM
...they can read, but do they understand what they read?

No, they dont understand.. The best example is HaBa Hashmot. He is good at smiling all the time :-)

February 22, 2008, 05:58 PM
did u just clicked on post a new thread....n wrote all this out??? or wrote it before handd...just wonderin...eitherr..wayy nice post..

February 26, 2008, 08:18 AM
Pause. Learn to pause. Every ball is a new ball. To be a better batsman you need to forget about the last ball or the last over or whatever it might be. Get into your batting stance and pause. Look at the field setting, look at the bowler, take notice what is happening out there. This will calm you down. You won't play a rash shot if you learn to pause your game on the right time. Just because you have hit the bowler for a four the last delivery means almost nothing. Get over it. Pause your game.

Deep breath. Take deep breaths. Continuously. All the time. When a batsman is going good they grow a self-destructing ego, utter bigotry in their stupid little mind. All of a sudden they think they can hit every ball for four, dig out every yorker, pull any short ball, win the game single-handedly and bingo; they play a loose shot. They forget to read the game, show respect to the bowler, stops the conversation, doesn't look at the field setting and trigger their own downfall. It happens to every batsman out there, and it happens more often than not to a BD batsman. Take deep breaths, even so when you feel that you are growing that self-destructive ego, utter bigotry, hot-headedness, over-confidence, loosing respect, stopping conversation and so on and on; take deep breaths, continuously, heavily. Remember you have to be lucky every time against a bowler, but a bowler needs to be lucky just once to get rid of you. You are so vulnerable, a bowler is not as vulnerable as you are. Never will be.

February 26, 2008, 10:31 AM
After following Bangladesh cricket for such a long time the only thing comes to my mind that the performance and skills in a Bangladeshi batsman actually is the lack of patience. It showed with the former players as well as the newbies. Patience is a non existence entity within the Bangladeshi players mindset. They have never been taught the art of patience, it was never in their curriculum, nor it was embedded within our domestic cricket structure. Simply put, a Bangladeshi player was never learned to be patience. It comes down to expectation, temperament, shot selection, wait for the bad balls, wait for the right passage of play, approach in their style of play, building an innings, work ethics, so on and on. As younger cricketers they knew right from the word go that a few good knock here and there against below par NCL bowlers would ensure them a Bangladeshi cap. Just one good NCL season and you might dream about your debut with the national team. Its as cheap as it gets. A good NCL season and they expect to be in the national team. They grow false confidence. They grow high expectation. We never let them wait for their call up and keep performing until they get called up. Even an experienced campaigner is bound to have few bad patches; even within the standards of NCL. Its not necessarily a bad thing. They learn from their mistakes. They get toughened up and learn how to not let themselves down when the going gets tough. They learn the art of backing themselves up with fine performances at the NCL level. But our selection panel and we as fans just can't wait. We want them to picked for national team right then and there. Our contribution factor is heavy, it is way too heavy. We contribute towards their downfall and we are first ones who would be heavily criticising them for their failures. We want their heads. The kid haven't yet learned to control his adrenaline rush, let alone control an innings. Not every 17 year old is Tendulkar and never will be. They would still score a few good knocks here and there but never will be consistent. Consistency comes from patience not from adrenaline rush or even batting skill for that matter.

Instead our cricket culture let them be in the international arena much sooner than they are ready for it. The magic phrase here is TALENT. All it takes is someone from our selection panel or some over-enthusiastic fans to see some TALENT with their "in-built TALENT-O-METER goggles" along with their very shallow cricket knowledge. If i leave cricket skills aside because they are already been labeled as talented; these young bunch hasn't learnt about temperament, rush of blood, controlling of expectation, controlling of an innings, wait for the bad balls, backing themselves when going gets tough, shot selection, wait for bad balls, being confident without being over-confident, the stage fright of pressure and the list can go on for ever. And we want them to be successful, we want them to be consistent. I want to ask any honest BC member, isn't that too much to ask for?

And all this is based on just one or at best two NCL season. Can anyone in this forum honestly tell me this, how hard it is to score a few good knock here and there against NCL bowlers on a very well known slow pitches. How hard it is to smash the NCL bowlers every now and then? As much as we want them to be world beaters we as a nation constantly failing to understand the fact that we must and i repeat myself we must let these young kids go through the ranks of patience before selecting them for the national side.

Patience is a filter. It filters the hard-workers, determined, strong-willed, confident, energetic, intelligent, team-players from the shaky, inconfident, lethargic, dumb, selfish and greedy ones. You would never find a shaky, inconfident, lethargic, dumb, selfish and greedy person shows patience. They want quick success, cheap fame, cheap talk with the potential low attitude, low confidence, ill work ethics, greed and so on and on. We, as a nation of mad cricket lovers failed to identify these problems and failed to embed patience in every phase of our cricket development. As a result we are in a situation where we cannot clearly claim we are a worthy test playing nation. This is not a blame game. This is a realisation.

February 26, 2008, 10:34 AM
Did you make copies and distributed to the players yet?

Excellent posts. Keep it up. Can these by combined and put it up in the front page please. Mods-Admins please note.

February 26, 2008, 01:13 PM

March 4, 2008, 09:32 AM
Dear Jamie Siddons,

I have a very high respect towards your cricketing ability and the ability to coach our young tigers. However i would like to tell you a little secret about our tigers. If you would lend me your ears;

Cricket coaching or any coaching/training/courses/tests are conducted to make sure that the trainee/coachee/learner is made competent in performing that task. It is done in two basic ways: creative coaching or in another words widening the knowledge or training on achieving practical competence or coaching them in what to do and how to do it. The other method is outcome based coaching or in another words restraining/minimizing errors, restraining wrong moves, coaching/training them on what not to do and how not to do it. If you have to take the creative coaching process to the tigers then they are not worth you time. Creative coaching is done at a very tender age. All you can do at this point is tweaking and twisting a bit here and there, not much. These tigers can play all shots in the book, i for one would not underestimate their ability. They hardly needs anymore TALENT that they already have. Creative coaching is more like showing a kid how to drive a car, how to start the vehicle, change gears, look over their shoulders to check for blind spots, parking the car, teach them on road rules and so on. My point here is these Bangladeshi tigers knows how to drive a car. They no longer belongs to the kids group, they are more likely belongs to the big kid group. They not only knows how to drive a car but also knows how to drive it over 200km/h in a 50 km/h zone, how to break red signals and break road rules and so on; thus making accidents quite often and probably causing injury/death to others or themselves. Thats where the problem lies. It all looks so simple. I have a rare ability. An ability to make things look very simple when they are not, not by any strech of imagination.

So you will have to be a passenger while these big kids are driving, i know you must be scared to death, so you should be. They don't need you tell them how to drive the car, they need you to tell them how to slow down. They don't need you to tell them how to get turbo charged engine, they need you to tell them to stop at the red light. They don't need you to tell them how to pull a ball like idiots, they need you to tell them how to build and innings patiently.

They don't need a friend to tell them what to do, they need strict guidance on what not to do and how not to do it. Dear Jamie, if you came to Bangladesh to become their friends please don't bother, i am sure you can do much better things in life. However if you can be the strict guide that they need you to be; i have three words for you, we need you, badly.

March 4, 2008, 10:37 AM
did u just clicked on post a new thread....n wrote all this out??? or wrote it before handd...just wonderin...eitherr..wayy nice post..

I was posting a reply to a post in another thread. After i wrote it down then i thought why don't i make a new thread about this? After all BC doesn't ask me to pay to open a thread. :)