View Full Version : thats a gurantee?

February 22, 2008, 05:20 AM
bangladesh alaways will be lose every test match in 3 days if they bat first i can gurantee that . look at our cricket history thats a same things that they does every freaking time . if they bat well in first innings and than 2nd innings get very badly , than finish match in three days. but my object is if south africa bat first and if they score 400 so than we just need 200 runs to avoid a follow on , and if we can chase 200 runs which mean south africa have to bat for seond time . and match easily will be gone to 4 or five days . but now what is gonna happen is ban 192 , than south africa 500 and ban 200 and finish 2 and half days.
i would say bangladesh must have to be bat second aginst any good team to take any test match 4 or 5 days . i really dont understand what makes mohammad ashraful to choose bat first always.