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February 28, 2008, 05:08 AM
Bashar is out of the team for the first time for performance. Previously he missed some due to injury. So no more tests for him as he has been discarded from ODI's I think it is end of Bashar. We won't see him again in BD team (tobe BD te shesh kotha bole kichu nei). So I was thinking what should we BC fans can do for him now? These are my suggestions we can give him:

1. Buy 'Humaun Ahmed' shomogro. Includes Himu, Misir Ali and other story books. Once I read in NP that he is very fond of HA's book. So reading from his books like himu who knows 1 new himu might in the road. It is HABA>HIMU ;)

2. Permanent guest in various 'Talk show' where every body talks no one listen. He can enlighten us about how his brain goes always dark at the time he plays pull or hook or the Prasad politics in BD cricket.

3. Autobiography by himself 'Dev o ami jemon chilam' or 'chotoder jonno cricket' or 'Slip theke boundary te'

4. A new partner of Chaudhury Jafar ullah Sharafat (the wig man) ---- "Ami Habibul Bash bolchi kandahar, Afganistan theke SAAF ludu championship theke"

5. Shob shombhober ei deshe New BD cricket manager. (ami serious he can take this)

6. Take a nick: 'hablu basu’ and BC gorom kore felte pare je Habibul Bashar the best cricketer in the history of BD.

7. You can start from this point..... Go on:-p

February 28, 2008, 06:48 AM
Where is Tigers_eye when you need him?

On a serious note, he wouldn't do too bad as a BD team manager. But he would be a horrible commentator, IMO.

March 10, 2008, 01:38 PM
this thread was moved and back again wow!

thanx miraz bhai