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al Furqaan
March 3, 2008, 02:02 AM
I'm almost reluctant to even write one, disastrous as this series was. As always there are the "positives" which are always tangible and real, yet never succeed to mask the even realer deficiencies.


Tamim Iqbal - 25 runs @ 6.25
Wasn't as technically sound as the NZ series. Poor performance could be explained by lack of match fitness. Manner of succumbing to Dale Steyn's ploy was quite pathetic. Hope in his talent continues as always (do we have a choice?)

Junaid Siddique - 93 runs @ 23.25
Very scrappy 50 in T2I2 though he had his chances. Otherwise tempermentaly superior to his mates, but still suffers from the "brainfarts."

Shahriar Nafees - 141 runs @ 35.25
The only batsman with respectable figures throughout. Bashar's #3 spot is his for the forseeable future. The way he got out for 69 in T2 was simply unforgiveable.

Mohammad Ashraful - 62 runs @ 15.50
The less said the better. For the first time, I had reservations about this man, talented though he is.

Aftab Ahmed - 89 runs @ 44.50
Had the highest average amongst the specialist bats. Not a bad average at all. And his batting seemed mature; faced 210 balls and only appeared in 3 innings. Easily my batting MVP. Allah bring him back with no ill effects.

Sakib al Hasan - 75 runs @ 18.75
I honestly don't know if he belongs in a Test batting lineup. Sometimes he has the ugliest batting technique I have ever seen, othertimes his cover drives are thing of beauty.

Mushfiqur Rahim - 28 runs @ 7.00
Batting at number 7 is useless for him. Bring him up the order, otherwise he will continue to struggle. Bringing back Pilot at this stage will be futile but might serve to create positive pressure on Rahim.

Habibul Bashar - 13 runs @ 6.50
Can you say "bye, bye?"

Abdur Razzak - 66 runs @ 66.00
Hmmm...bowling is ordinary at best, batting was stellar.


Mashrafee Mortaza - 0 wickets, 3.71 econ
He was not only physically out of form, but mentally too. I'm confident he will bounce back to be the Tiger he is, but when is the question.

[B] Shahadat Hossain - 12 wickets @ 17.00, 3.42 econ, 29.7 strike rate
Given the strenght of the batting sides, I'd say Rajib outbowled Dale Steyn. Was he quicker? No. Was he more hostile? Nope. But was he just as good? Look at the numbers and the respective batting lineups and if you have a problem, you should shoot yourself given your infinite inferiority complex.

Mohammad Rafique - 6 wickets @ 40.16, 2.48 econ
100 Test wickets. That will forever look good on Cricinfo's Records page. Well done, we will miss you! But I wonder how effective he would be if he still kept playing...

Sakib al Hasan - 1 wicket @ 122.00, 2.90 econ
His econ is one of the best in the side, yet he is not a test bowler. He should be picked only for his batting if he's good enough.

Abdur Razzak - 1 wicket @ 129.00, 4.16 econ
Where is Enam?

March 3, 2008, 02:53 AM
Mushfiqur Rahim - 28 runs @ 7.00
Batting at number 7 is useless for him. Bring him up the order, otherwise he will continue to struggle. Bringing back Pilot at this stage will be futile but might serve to create positive pressure on Rahim.
The last reason for his failure with bat is his batting position. He looked like he couldn't buy a run. Most keeper/batsmen bat usually around #7 (including the all time best one), but that never stopped any of them from being successful.

March 3, 2008, 03:21 AM

Good, sane thread and thank you for it, even if it gets invaded by teenie-bopper emotional baggage by the time it's done.

I agree with pretty much all of your assessments except when it comes to MaMu and GoBoy.

GoBoy is too young, under too much stress on account of his personal life, and just too damned SHORT to deal with the pace and bounce of short-pitched bowling at the International level. Then there's his almost compulsive backlift issue making matters infinitely worse. Batting him at number 3 at this point is a totally nonsensical idea in my opinion.

And PLEASE no silly comparisons to Tendulkar with regards to the height factor or Lara's high backlift ! ... :)

He is a little puppy who's down and there's no need to kick him until we manage to ruin his career by continuing to place the weight of our wishful thinking on his tiny little shoulders. He's a cute little boy who just couldn't take the pressure. It's time for him to continue to learn the game in the NCL, Academy and perhaps the A-team level and perform there. He has been a total failure in the NCL, and with the exception of just two good scores, pathetic with the bat and also more than dodgy the gloves at the International level. Let's us not continue to confuse "genuine potential" with the cold, hard facts of 'application' in the middle. He has a lot of time to bounce back and Inshallah he will in the years ahead. This is a time for him to rest and start to repair his severly damaged cricketing center OUTSIDE the highest level.

MaMu will bounce back Inshallah. But before he does, strip him of his Vice Captaincy and let him go back to Naurhail, swim in the river, and climb a few coconut palms to get his cojones back. Let him fight for his place in the team and win that fight. When he does, we'll get our beloved tiger-hearted Mash out of this bhurhiwala MaMu putuputu bowling with heavy feet, and running away from the line of delivery when forced to bat !

March 3, 2008, 07:26 AM
And another thing, throughout the second test Keptin Miya's keptenchhi was weirdly out of character and appallaing to say the least. I rather like kobi-kobi bhab in our young men, but not while they're supposed to marshall their sides in test matches.

Any idea who she is? ... ;)

March 3, 2008, 09:47 AM
Good one Assad. Here is mine.

Tamim - Junaid - Ash - Aftab - Shakib our future. Go learn from Abdur Razzak how to bat. They go learn from Shahadat Hossain how to give it all.

SN: Bahadur SN, You made a fifty. Yay!! Your place is fixed. Now improve on your mental aspect of the game. Don't do anything with the reverse shift gear. In a home series I expected more. "B-"

Tamim: When you are representing BD and averaging 6+ as a opener I think a zero grade is the best you can achieve. "F" (I don't buy injury stuff. Had this been JO or even his brother the grades from BC members would be "F" with expletives)

Junaid: Weakness is showing. You know everyone (opponents) will target that. Work on your rising moving ball. One fifty accompaning with pathetic scores shows how much extra work you need to do. C+.

Ash: Stop making predictions. I do not want to hear him say will do this and will do that. No more century predictions. Can't get to 40 and he will make centuries. What is his average now? Those Ash fans, I am still waiting for his average to rise from 25. let alone 40/40 on both form. "F"

Aftab: The only one I saw with any improve. Although nothing much has changed. No fifty, with all good starts. C+.

Shakib: Problem ta kothai I can't understand. Ei shob polapain'rey school'a pathano dorkar prothomay. D

Mushi: F. Unless you get two to four inch taller you can't be BD national wicket keeper. If your batting form returns be a batsman that is it.

Habibul Bashar: An "A" seriously!! The only A in this lot. I thought he would get a double golden duck and take his average below 30 and he managed to avoid both. Would have been A++ had he made a double digit average. The selectors will get the real grades for you. "FFF". 3 of them for three spineless selectors.

Rafique: Salute. Make sure you send a "thank you" card to Smith for not declaring early. Still the best spinner. Batting; will miss him dhum dharakka batting. "B".

Abdur Razzak: A bowler having a highest score in the team should say enough. If not, He ate Ash's lunch. Yes, Ashraful, the best batsman of BD couldn't match Abdur Razzak's (2 innings) run in 4 tries. He has a better average than Aftab, lol. B+. Bowling: better than Mash. "D".

Mashrafe: Retirement hawa ekhono lagey nai? 24'a jodi 44'er moto khaley, I think it is better for him to retire now. "F".

Shahadat: The only positive from the bunch of losers. B+.

March 3, 2008, 09:55 AM
tamim and mash get incompletes since neither is fit. shahadat is my man of the series for bangladesh, i hope he continues this kind of form in the ODIs. we really should have brought in pilot over rahim. i hope for a better result (i think we all do) during the ODIs.

March 3, 2008, 10:19 AM
You know what - there is no overlap between one series review to another.

Also, why can we not even play a spinner with no international track record?

March 3, 2008, 10:28 AM
6 positives and 6 Negatives...


1. Aftab's batting and how he is nicely adjusting to become a test batsman....nice development.

2. SN's comming back to form

3. Razzak and Shahadat's development as a lower end batsman

4. Shahadat's bowling specially with the old ball also - He is our #1 bowler without doubt.

5. Sakib's development as a TEST bowler. We need to give hime time before he start getting wicket.

6. Rafiq proved that he is still good enough to be in the TEST team as a bowler.


1. Over all failure by our openers. Except for one innings by Junaid, p[rety much they failed and exposed our fragile middle order most of the time. Tamim was a total failure.

2. Aftab's injury. I was so happy with him, how he was trying his best to adjust based on team's need. We know about the extent of his physical injury, but don't know how much mental injury it occured. That is the thing it worried me much.

3. Middle order's Complete Failure which includes Ash, Sakib and Bashar (1st TEST).

4. Bowling Failure by Mashrafee (over all), Razzak (2nd TEST). Sakib (more or less), and Rafiq ( 1st TEST, 2nd Innings)

5. Looks like Rahim is drowning.... no development whatsoever either as a wicket keeper or as a batsman. Each series he is taking a few steps backward.

6. Captaincy. Looks like he have taken few steps backward.

And few more few interesting development (just for fun).....

1. Interms of average, Razzak (mainly a bowler) was our Best batrsman followed by Aftab (known as not suitable for TEST) , Shahadat ( 38 with just one out in four innings) and SN (was off-form for a while).

2. Tamim (6.25) beat Bashar ( 6.5) in close contest as the lowest average among Genuine Batsman, Batting Allrounder and Wicket Keepers. Rahim was 3rd with an average of 7.0. So our favorite punch bag (now a days) bashar couldn't get the title breaking some fan's heart.

3. Ashraful coun't cross his career average (24.6) in this series as he scored 15.50 (Average) in this series.

4. Looks like Rafiq and Mashrafee's batting skills are gone to drain for good.

5. We may found a good pair of lower end batsman in Razzak and Shahadat.

March 3, 2008, 11:08 AM
Unfortunately, the negatives are more permanent than the positives.

March 3, 2008, 11:20 AM
Agree with most of Tiger uncle's ratings, except that I'd probably give Razzak an F for bowling.

Another small positive that I noticed was that we had three consecutive half century partnerships in T2I1. The middle and lower middle order did a decent job building the inning instead of falling apart upon the fall of a wicket. Had our #1, #2 and #4 chipped in, we probably would have got closer to 400.

March 3, 2008, 11:23 AM
In my opinion Shahadats bowling is the only positive from this test series. Just for him BD has showed some resistance in the first test. Its better not to talk about batting performance. We fans are getting tired of seeing same mistakes in every innings but our so called superstar, talented, golden boys are yet to realise their problems.

March 3, 2008, 11:26 AM
1.Shahadat finally getting the line/length figured out. Nafis coming back,, Thank God.

2.Rafique did retire with his 100 wickets,, dispelling the rumor that he was finished.

3.We did push the SA to the 4th day on the first test ( again Shahadat heroics)

4. Bashar was dropped for a good reason, he will come back for his retirement series

5. We got some real exposore of our beloved players. Our young talents got a real taste of real test and now we know to restrain our expectations from Tamim/Zunaed/Mushfique/Sakib/Mashrafee.. We got the bitter pil in realizing why stats are leading indicators of what to expect from these players in the future..

1. Terrible selection board. We said enough about this.

2. Coach didnt make an impression at all ( or atleast I didnt see any change in results or personal improvements). He spoke the truth but didnt inspire any results as oppose to what Dav did during his first assignment at Australia.

3.Hence, Batsman learned nothing and did nothing with their youthful impatience

4.Goboy is now an official misery,, more than Pilot was for the team ( Atleast Pilot was never questioned about his wicketkeeping skills)

5.Ashraful is now becoming a Hassopod Pagol in pressure of captaincy( [বাংলা]যেখানে ব্যাটিংয়েও দক্ষিণ আফ্রিকার সঙ্গে সমানে সমানে লড়েছিল বিসিবি একাদশ। সেখানে পারলে টেস্ট ম্যাচে পারা যায় না কেন? মোহাম্মদ আশরাফুলের জবাব শুনে অনেককে হাসি চেপে রাখতে হল, "প্র্যাকটিস ম্যাচ আর টেস্ট ম্যাচ আলাদা। টেস্ট টিভিতে লাইভ দেখানো হয়।"[/বাংলা] Source: BDnews24.com

March 3, 2008, 11:36 AM
Only 3 positives worth identifying and valuable in long term if they persist:

1) Ascendancy of Shahadat (pls don't get injured or get married any time soon)
2) Ascendancy of Aftab, the test batsman: he has the approach. This is quite unlike any other bd batsman - resilience wise
3) Nafees slowly returning to some level of form - good for BD 1-down


Not worth noting. They will always be there.

Great top order shaping up:

Md A

Siddons needs to work with this hard.

March 3, 2008, 12:18 PM
biggest positive was; Shahadat emerging as an effective pacer.

All around negatives.

March 3, 2008, 04:47 PM
Biggest positive was being five times better at fielding than SA. You guys really have an attitude issue.

Fielding is 33% of the game. And you do not mention it? Come on. Give the guys their due. If there was a third test, on a spinning wicket, you guys could have had boycotts grandmother bat at 1, 2 and 3 and still could have won it with one eye closed.

March 3, 2008, 04:49 PM
...but boycotts grandmother doesn't have any eye at all.

Plus can she field?

March 3, 2008, 05:23 PM
( [বাংলা]যেখানে ব্যাটিংয়েও দক্ষিণ আফ্রিকার সঙ্গে সমানে সমানে লড়েছিল বিসিবি একাদশ। সেখানে পারলে টেস্ট ম্যাচে পারা যায় না কেন? মোহাম্মদ আশরাফুলের জবাব শুনে অনেককে হাসি চেপে রাখতে হল, "প্র্যাকটিস ম্যাচ আর টেস্ট ম্যাচ আলাদা। টেস্ট টিভিতে লাইভ দেখানো হয়।"[/বাংলা] Source: BDnews24.com


ashrafuler matha gobore vorti:floor::floor: