View Full Version : did we play better in 2003 series against pak?

April 20, 2008, 03:04 PM
guys, i ws wondering did we play bettr in 2003 when we had a gud test series in pak in the odi compared to this time. i think we did but thats really hurting me coz we shld hv showed improved perfomance by this time bt we cldnt.evry1 improves by time by our bd boys no mattr hw many yrs they take.they wont improve.

2nd thing,aftr defeating ireland we rated them slightly higher in defeating pak atleast in 1-2 odi.coz of this expectation we are more hurt bt as die hard emotional bd who wldnt expect thme to defeat pak in atleast 1 odi.

even thought they won against ireland.they did play well. in pak, the thing that ws mst miserable to see is that still our batsman will chase a wide delivery aftr being set or either play a pull shot or sm stupid looking shot against a shrt pitched delivry which is nt required as per the situation, cnt score for free hit.

smtimes i wonder r our playrs phsyically nt strng enuff to hit the hrd ball and race it to boundary or hit with full muscle power over d fence for a six.

today's match similar type of delivry,pak batsman hit for 6 bt our batsman dnt seem to have powr to hit it for 6. dammnn..why cnt our playrs work out to b physically strng???:mad::mad::mad:

April 20, 2008, 03:15 PM
No, we didn't have a better series. Only our expectations were lower. In fact, we registered our highest score against a test playing team in this series. Back then we would be happy with these achievements regardless of match/series result.

April 20, 2008, 03:15 PM
To answer the question - batting strength of the present ODI team and team that toured Pakistan in 2003 is same, but bowling strength of the current team is slightly worse than the previous team's.

Here is the scorecards from 2003 tour - http://cricketarchive.com/Archive/Seasons/PAK/2003-04_PAK_Bangladesh_in_Pakistan_2003-04.html

April 20, 2008, 03:23 PM
Some ppl gave them nick name of being "talented" for able to hit fours and sixes. Koi what sixes and fours they hit in this twenty twenty? Some talents I must say.

April 20, 2008, 03:37 PM
This is a similar match to the 5th ODI


<TABLE><TBODY><TR><TD>Bangladesh bowling</TD><TD>Overs</TD><TD>Mdns</TD><TD>Runs</TD><TD>Wkts</TD><TD>Wides</TD><TD>No-Balls</TD></TR><TR><TD>Mashrafe Mortaza (http://cricketarchive.com/Archive/Players/24/24332/24332.html)</TD><TD>9 </TD><TD>1</TD><TD>63</TD><TD>0</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>5</TD></TR><TR><TD>Mushfiqur Rahman (http://cricketarchive.com/Archive/Players/11/11097/11097.html)</TD><TD>8 </TD><TD>0</TD><TD>59</TD><TD>0</TD><TD>1</TD><TD>-</TD></TR><TR><TD>Khaled Mahmud (http://cricketarchive.com/Archive/Players/7/7045/7045.html)</TD><TD>10 </TD><TD>1</TD><TD>65</TD><TD>0</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>3</TD></TR><TR><TD>Sanwar Hossain (http://cricketarchive.com/Archive/Players/7/7044/7044.html)</TD><TD>6 </TD><TD>0</TD><TD>33</TD><TD>0</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD></TR><TR><TD>Mohammad Rafique (http://cricketarchive.com/Archive/Players/2/2199/2199.html)</TD><TD>10 </TD><TD>0</TD><TD>55</TD><TD>0</TD><TD>1</TD><TD>-</TD></TR><TR><TD>Alok Kapali (http://cricketarchive.com/Archive/Players/35/35115/35115.html)</TD><TD>7 </TD><TD>0</TD><TD>44</TD><TD>1</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

<TABLE><TBODY><TR><TD colSpan=2>Bangladesh innings</TD><TD>Runs</TD><TD>Balls</TD><TD>Mins</TD><TD>4s</TD><TD>6s</TD></TR><TR><TD>Habibul Bashar (http://cricketarchive.com/Archive/Players/2/2203/2203.html)</TD><TD>run out (Yasir Hameed (http://cricketarchive.com/Archive/Players/12/12422/12422.html))</TD><TD>6</TD><TD>21</TD><TD>37</TD><TD>1</TD><TD>-</TD></TR><TR><TD>Mohammad Ashraful (http://cricketarchive.com/Archive/Players/24/24328/24328.html)</TD><TD>lbw b Umar Gul (http://cricketarchive.com/Archive/Players/44/44284/44284.html)</TD><TD>0</TD><TD>1</TD><TD>4</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD></TR><TR><TD>Rajin Saleh (http://cricketarchive.com/Archive/Players/10/10220/10220.html)</TD><TD>b Abdul Razzaq (http://cricketarchive.com/Archive/Players/4/4172/4172.html)</TD><TD>25</TD><TD>46</TD><TD>58</TD><TD>3</TD><TD>-</TD></TR><TR><TD>Tushar Imran (http://cricketarchive.com/Archive/Players/35/35193/35193.html)</TD><TD>c Kamran Akmal (http://cricketarchive.com/Archive/Players/9/9183/9183.html) b Shabbir Ahmed (http://cricketarchive.com/Archive/Players/8/8222/8222.html)</TD><TD>0</TD><TD>5</TD><TD>11</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD></TR><TR><TD>Alok Kapali (http://cricketarchive.com/Archive/Players/35/35115/35115.html)</TD><TD>lbw b Abdul Razzaq (http://cricketarchive.com/Archive/Players/4/4172/4172.html)</TD><TD>26</TD><TD>27</TD><TD>41</TD><TD>5</TD><TD>-</TD></TR><TR><TD>*Khaled Mahmud (http://cricketarchive.com/Archive/Players/7/7045/7045.html)</TD><TD>c Inzamam-ul-Haq (http://cricketarchive.com/Archive/Players/2/2033/2033.html) b Abdul Razzaq (http://cricketarchive.com/Archive/Players/4/4172/4172.html)</TD><TD>0</TD><TD>3</TD><TD>4</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD></TR><TR><TD>Sanwar Hossain (http://cricketarchive.com/Archive/Players/7/7044/7044.html)</TD><TD>c Shabbir Ahmed (http://cricketarchive.com/Archive/Players/8/8222/8222.html) b Mohammad Hafeez (http://cricketarchive.com/Archive/Players/19/19345/19345.html)</TD><TD>19</TD><TD>38</TD><TD>60</TD><TD>3</TD><TD>-</TD></TR><TR><TD>+Khaled Mashud (http://cricketarchive.com/Archive/Players/2/2200/2200.html)</TD><TD>lbw b Mohammad Hafeez (http://cricketarchive.com/Archive/Players/19/19345/19345.html)</TD><TD>14</TD><TD>24</TD><TD>21</TD><TD>2</TD><TD>-</TD></TR><TR><TD>Mushfiqur Rahman (http://cricketarchive.com/Archive/Players/11/11097/11097.html)</TD><TD>not out</TD><TD>36</TD><TD>65</TD><TD>74</TD><TD>7</TD><TD>-</TD></TR><TR><TD>Mashrafe Mortaza (http://cricketarchive.com/Archive/Players/24/24332/24332.html)</TD><TD>run out (Younis Khan (http://cricketarchive.com/Archive/Players/10/10314/10314.html)->Kamran Akmal (http://cricketarchive.com/Archive/Players/9/9183/9183.html))</TD><TD>8</TD><TD>12</TD><TD>16</TD><TD>1</TD><TD>-</TD></TR><TR><TD>Mohammad Rafique (http://cricketarchive.com/Archive/Players/2/2199/2199.html)</TD><TD>b Mohammad Hafeez (http://cricketarchive.com/Archive/Players/19/19345/19345.html)</TD><TD>19</TD><TD>26</TD><TD>41</TD><TD>4</TD><TD>-</TD></TR><TR><TD>Extras</TD><TD>(8 b, 2 lb, 8 nb, 15 w)</TD><TD>33</TD></TR><TR><TD>Total</TD><TD>(all out, 43.2 overs)</TD><TD>186</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

April 20, 2008, 03:39 PM
Current team scored less. .... Well, batting is STILL the same actually

April 21, 2008, 11:38 AM
Yeah, 4 years time didn't improve anything or anybody. Just 12 to 14 players have changed.

April 21, 2008, 12:08 PM
Yes we played slightly better overall. (batting wise)
2003 - 1022 runs in 229.3 overs. Ave 4.188 per over (4.45). 6 half centuries.
2008 - 1028 runs in 218.1 overs. Ave 4.33 per over (4.71). 4 half centuries and a century.

2003 totals were 169/10, 186/10, 201/9 (44 overs), 222/8, 244/7.
2008 totals were 129/10, 225/8 (48.2 overs), 285/7, 210/10, 179/10.

April 21, 2008, 12:11 PM
We were still comprehensively beaten, but I remember being pretty satisfied with some of the batting. Expectations were a lot lower, and it also shows that we haven't improved much in the last five years.

April 21, 2008, 12:40 PM
Howcome Siddons said this is the first time we scored over 200 against Pakistan? He doesn't look at the previous stats or what?

The positives for Bangladesh

“We can take something from this. We made 200 three times in this series and we haven't done that against Pakistan. We'll take that, we'll take Shakib (Al Hasan)'s hundred, a couple of innings from Tamim (Iqbal) and Mahmudullah (Riyad) as well. Mashrafe (Mortaza) was world class for us through the series."

This guy is more confused than Ashraful. He doesn't know what he is saying. He just making fool out of himself.

April 21, 2008, 02:24 PM
May be little bit better. But the goal also moved further. So back to square one, or even feets behind.

April 25, 2008, 05:30 AM
back then i was only 8 years old.. i wasn't interested in cricket.. so can't tell whether they were better or not..