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May 17, 2008, 01:10 PM
In this edition of Magic Moments Part 2, I have included 1 cricket song and 3 Video highlights.

The cricket song - Hothat Koray Bangladesh, Charidikey Bangladesh most likely sung by Lucky Akhand is an appealing one. Many of the readers must have heard and seen before. But to many others it may be new as well. So let us all see and hear it again.

The first 2 video Highlights on Cricket is on Ashraful and the last one on Junaed Siddiq.

Here you go

CRICKET SONG - Hothat Koray, Bangladesh, Charidikey Bangladesh.

There has been many cricket songs associated with Bangladesh’s participation in world Cup One Day cricket.

However the one that I was wonderstruck is called Hothat Koray Bangladesh, Charidikey Bangladesh.

Most likely it was sung and possibly composed by Lucky Akhand (Correct me if I am wrong readers)

I am sure it will touch your heart.

Whether it is the Lyrics, Music Composition and the Still Photography that follows in sequence with the song it cannot get better.

So I would like to share this with other Readers.

I am sure Cricket cum Song/Music lovers will be charmed by its overall effect.

Here’s the Link:



This Video Highlights is a small endeavour to relive Bangladesh’s cricketing genius by the name of Ashraful who proved to the world on 21 June 2005 in a (50-over match) with England that his 100 against Australia was not a fluke. On that day he was able to dominate all English bowlers with his god gifted skills. He Drove, Punched, Pulled, Scooped with the ferociousness of a Royal Bengal Tiger. Just look at his Blitz Erick knock- 94 runs in 54 mts facing only 52 balls with breathtaking 11 fours and 3 towering sixes that only his genius can do justice.

Mind you he was facing Harmison at his fearsome pace and height and at his best.

Such was his ferocity that Harmison went for 55 runs in his 8 overs and ultimately went wicketless a rare happening in Harmison’s career.

I would like to share with readers to relive the video highlights that displays how his audacious knock pulverized the English attack. It was master class. A fan’s delight.

Here’s the link:


Ashraful’s Special scoop shot.

Ashraful can play all shots in the cricket book and some of his own.

But one of the shots that he plays near to perfection is his famous scoop shot and he proved that in our famous victory against South Africa in the world Cup One Dayer that ultimately brought about victory for Bangladesh. In fact one noticed after that match some South African players also started imitating him against other oppositions at later stages.

I do not know if Miandad or Ashraful is the pioneer of this. But performancewise I can safely say Ashraful has no equals when executing this shot to perfection.

He himself told in an Interview that he practices hours to master this craft.

The link I am providing displays how well he executed it against different oppositions.

It’s a real treat to watch.

Here’s the link:


Junaed Siddiqi’s Masterpiece knock.

Prior to start of the World Cup 20 20 matches there was a lot of expectations and predictions about Junaed Siddiq.

He did not initially get the opportunity as the team management wanted to stick with one combination. But when he did get that opportunity he responded with a brilliant 71 from 49 balls smacking 6 sparkling boundaries and 3 towering sixes.

Pakistan’s top class pace attack were smashed to all parts of the ground with superlative ease and utter disdain. Even Afridi was not spared. He came in for quite a bit of stick from Junaed.

He played a la Hayden like approach stepping out of the crease and smashing the ball at his will to the boundary .He was equally adept along the ground. What is striking was his sense of shot selection.

While his partners were meekly surrendering one after another he continued his belligerent style and did not allow the score rate to come down.

His contribution of 71 out of a total of 140 speaks for itself of his contribution.

If he just had two partners to score around 30 each who knows what could have been the result. Pakistan went on to win by 6 wickets.

Though he was on the losing side Junaed deservedly won the Man of The Match Award a rare happening.

Cricket commentators of the likes of Ramiz and Ian Chappel showered huge praises to new kid on the block.

So Readers time to see Junaed at his majestic best.

Here’s the link:


I hope readers will enjoy immersing into some magical moments of the past.

Take care and Good wishes to everybody.


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dhurr, je player gula team ke dubaitache , shei player der nia akhon magic moments, afsos:-|