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June 15, 2008, 11:19 AM
fielding: we need to learn proper field placement techniques... something successfully done in whatmore era. like watch videos and watch from what type of deliveries are the batsmen scoring runs of and why is sehwag slogging everytime dollar mahmud/farhad reza is pitching it up. in what areas does the batsmen play the MOST SHOTS... watch more video footages of recent Bangladesh cricket. what are our weaknesses? what type of deliveries we should bowl so that the batsmen will rethink it before shot selection... i think these are the type of issues which seperates us from the top performing teams. how to put pressure on the opponents, MENTALLY?

so in the next game we play we can place proper fieldsman according to the type of deliveries bowled and the areas where most shots were played so that with great fielding we can boost the economy rate of the bowlers.

what i like from the current Bangladeshi side is that quite often we see aggressive fielding! like direct throws andAshraful running wild chasing the ball to the boundry and winning it. :) keep it up :fanflag:

Batting: currently, our strategy is to stay in the wicket as long as possible... at the same time Bangladesh team has not learned how to put battng pressure on the opponents except when we see some cameos from aftab/tamim/OLD ashraful. so what we need to learn is to put batting pressure on the opponents like keeping an excellent run rate per over without losing wickets is the key to putting a good total or chasing. well... in this case our batsmen needs more international experience for perfection. But with a calm head playing the bad balls and making use of singles, good running between the wickets, great comunication between partners and hitting the gaps should keep the runate above 4.0.

one of Jamie Siddons main goal is to make our top 4 batsmen average above 40... that can be achieved under current batting strategy, staying in the wicket as long as possible and the slogging when settled.

Bowling: VARIATION is key to success in any bowling lineup. that's why i liked Rasel, because with Speedy Shahadat and occasionally Mortaza, the batsmen has to ADJUST to the new bowling speeds an rethink how he should play shots and where to play the shots. variation in terms of speed as well as line and length at the right time will produce excellent economy rate. the bowler has to understand the batsmen mentality. is he on aggressive mode or defensive mode? what type of shots is he looking to play...CONFUSE the batsmen with one odd slow ball(hint to shahadat hossain ;)) that is how shoaib akhtar got great wickets is by producing that odd slow yorker. think you are too one dimentional? change it up a bit... even if the last five balls you have bowled is 00000 it is likely that the batsmen will go for a shot or hit the next delivery take advantage of what the batsmen is trying to do bowl in such a way where the batsmen is FORCED to play a a certain shot and it goes straight to the fielder.

i am hoping both Mahmuullah and Alok Kapali has great success with the national team so we have a off-spinner and a leg spinner and two regular SLA's... now that is variation.

i was bored.... :D just some thoughts and suggestions how we could improve our cricket game and win some matches, i am pretty sure many Bangladeshi cricket fans here are itching for a good win against top opposition.

as-salaamualaikum, Rifat

June 16, 2008, 10:35 AM
hmm, if,

our selectors don't do any type of political things and pick up the right player
a batsman in opening or 1st down who can really hit the ball and can take singles
" " " middle order or lower order " " "" " " " " "

leadership from ashraful, use the right bowler, set up the fielding according to the batsman's weekness

bowler's do intelligable bowling

one good batsman led the innings till the end...

jammie siddons makes a good gameplan, and if our boys succesfully do it

then we will in in't matches regularely

June 16, 2008, 12:07 PM
I really like the way some of our batsman are trying to stay for long & score slowly specially the way Ash is doing.But it's almost all about batting that makes us loose the game.
So we need to bring some more changes among our batsmen.
For example getting Sh Nafis out & let Jun Sidq or Nazimuddn try.
And instead of Aftab let Raqibul H play more matches becse he is learning very quickly.
Alok Kapali doing well.
If Rahim doesnt score well in Asia cup then send him for rest & bring Dhiman in.
For the bowling side I will only say get Rasel back instead of Shahadat or Dolar.