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al Furqaan
June 28, 2008, 04:18 PM
This is my current opinion of our team, from and individual standpoint. Its all opinion, and I am not a very educated man on the subject. Hence I want to see what Sohel, Beamer, and the other pundits think. I am seeking reasurrances more than anything else.

Tamim - very impressed with his developmet from charging down the track in 2007, to playing with more composure. his consistency has been very impressive, by BD standards. and unlike the rajins or SNs, his star keeps shining more than 12 months beyond his debut - which was actually not very promising, IMO.

Nazimuddin - this guy seems to be the crappiest guy we've given too many chances since...well since anyone. Even JO and possibly tushar warranted more of a chance.

Ashraful - lately he has looked very out of sorts. doesn't at all look like the great batsmen i thought he was. was my perception of him way too high???

he hasn't really been middling his shots, gets beaten far too many times early in the innings, and despite curbing his attacking instincts significantly, he still plays to many shots on the up. as always i have hope...

Aftab - despite his being out of the team currently, i think he will be back, and if he can play a controlled game, will be a force to reckon with. if not, he'll just have to be our jayasuriya.

Alok - at first i thought this guy was garbage, then a couple years ago i wasn't sure. i'm still not sure if he is on ash-aftab level, but he certainly looks to be in form.

SN - very disappointed in his repeated failures. i still think he should be trialed in the middle order, but at present there isn't any room for him. at least in the ODI side. i hope he gets his fatullah style game face back on soon.

Raqibul - overall, i would say he impresses me most amongst all our batters, right at the moment. he can score at any rate, and doesn't get beaten often. at the same time i have yet to see a rash shot from him. does everyone else agree?

Sakib - i had completely counted him out, yet he fired back in successive innings against pakistan like few BD batsmen ever have. has been missing for a while now, and i hope he doesn't lose that newfound glory. his bowling is also surprisingly good.

Riyad - initially i thought he was a great find who sticks to the crease like glue. now i am not so sure. he doesn't seem to be quite "good enough" in either department, though hsi stats and averages suggest otherwise. i would be thrilled if he's the diamond in the rough, as i've taken a personal liking to him, but right now he seems more rough than diamond.

Farhad - i could say almost the same thing about reza as i did about riyad, except that farhad might have less of a batting upside than riyad.

Rahim - is he a poorer keep than dhiman??? i think he's a better longer version batsman, but in LO cricket, dhiman is prolly the far better batting option. too bad we can't play them both.

Dhiman - as a keeper, i think he's more or less equal to rahim. i favor his batting though in limited overs cricket, though i think rahim is a hands down better test bat. but i've been wrong quite a few times in the past...

Junaid - haven't seen enough of this guy, and i really don't know what to think: is he good or bad? seemingly our best slip catcher from his limited exploits there.

Mortaza - his bowling in slog overs has improved vastly, but his opening bowling has gone down quite a bit recently. there was a time when mash was pretty much impossible to score from in his opening spell.

Rajib - his test bowling is superb, and there seems to be no indication that he'll drop. i just hope thats the case. i hope he learns the ODI game soon enough.

Rasel - our best pacer against great 8 sides, bar none. leaving him out of the squad should be a capital offense.

Razzak - a good ODI spinner, I was getting worried with his recent dip in form, but he bounced back well against SL couple of nights ago. i hope he continues to maintain a sub-30 bowling average.

Enamul - I can't understand why he's been completely ignored in the test lineup. i think that he should be tried. he's certainly our top test spinner.

Dollar - not at all ready at the moment, perhaps in 2 years time he will be a solid FB, but definitely not right now.

June 28, 2008, 05:13 PM
good read man i agree with nearly all of it!

June 28, 2008, 05:26 PM
Tamim: Excellent development since WC'07. Along with Raqibul he is the batsman I have most confidence in. By this time next year I am pretty sure he will be averaging around 40 in ODIs.

Nazimuddin: Too crap to comment. No but seriously this guy doesn't have a future with the Bangladesh team in Tests or ODIs. Might be handy in T20s though.

Mohammad Ashraful: I like his new approach(although not the way he batted today). If he uses the 20-30 balls to settle and then play his shots with more confidence I have no problem. But one worry as he showed today it looks like he can't pace his innings he can either go all out attack or remain as a solid wall.

Raqibul Hasan: No doubt will be a great asset to Bangladesh in both ODIs and Tests. Very compact batsman, technically sound. Should have an average of 40 when we return from South Africa later this year.

Mushfiqur Rahim: A joy to watch when in form. One thing I want from him is to give up wicket-keeping. I think he should be a batsman first and a back-up keeper to Dhiman in ODIs. I would like to see him tried out as an opener.

Alok Kapali: If we look at his last 3 innings against major opposition: 20, 30, 115. Signs tell he is improving but I am not taking anything for granted. He should get a ticket to Australia and lets see if he can continue there. His leggies are very useful.

Mahmudullah: No solid batting innings from him yet. I would like to see him batting up the order sometimes. Decent offies but if he gets too predictable he will get hammered.

Farhad Reza: Can't be used as a 3rd pacer. Needs to improve a lot to continue at this level.

Mashrafe Mortaza: Needs to get fit, increase pace and become more attacking especially in the opening overs.

Abdur Razzak: Good but can be a lot better. Very good with the bat for a No. 9

Shahadat Hossain: Needs much more control over his bowling in ODIs. Stick with the basics and not too much experimenting with the ball.

Shahriar Nafees: Definetely not an opener IMO. Maybe useful in the middle-order but as everyone is performing no option but to wait.

Junaid Siddique: Just needs to get his confidence up and believe in himself. Should be opener with Tamim in all forms.

Dhiman Ghosh: Definetely my wicket-keeping choice for ODIs as I would want Mushfiq to become a specialist batsman.

Aftab Ahmed: Should NOT be an automatic choice for Australia and South Africa. Unless Kapali or Raqibul's form dip horribly he shouldn't be in the squad. I would like to see him averaging 45+ for Chittagong and then he may return but he should only bat at 6/7.

Dollar Mahmud: Back to the academy for you! Looking at his current level it should take him 2/3 years to reach international standars.

June 28, 2008, 07:44 PM
Dolar is out of his depth at this level. At least for now. Riyad isn't looking particularly sharp either, he needs to provide a better performance to keep his place in the side, especially when Sakib and Rasel return.

Farhad is simply not a good bowler. He should just concentrate on his batting. If he's going to continue to bowl, he needs to pitch it up more, try to swing it and bowl more intelligently to make up for his lack of pace. I think Mushfiq should come up to the wicket when he bowls.

SN has been exceptionally disappointing. He needs to get his confidence back up, improve his technique in avoiding needless pokes and plumbs. If gets his chance, I think he should bat at no. 4.

Ashraful should improve his feet movement, play more shots down the ground, like the cover drive and wait for the bad deliveries to play extravagant shots.

Junaid is a promising youngster and should be given more time to form a solid partnership and understanding with Tamim who has developed quite nicely.

Mushfiq is not a bad keeper but he needs to improve communication with the bowlers to adjust his position. He's also pretty slow with the bat, so I can't see him as an opening batsmen. I'd like to see him just improve his overall game and not take his place in the team for granted.

Razzak should try to bowl more well disguised deliveries like the arm ball and avoid bowling full toss. He can also chip in with the bat so he should probably bat where Rafique normally would.

Kapali played a great knock today but I don't expect him to bat like that often. I'm more interested in what he can do as a bowler. I'll take 20 runs from him every game if he can pick up a wicket or two for a decent econ. rate.

Mashrafe, while not as lethal in the opening spell as he was before has improved in the death overs. His pace is OK and he's able to swing the ball more freely. Just keep bowling a good line and length. I think today he was just unfortunate and demoralised, but he should bounce back quickly.

Shahadat's pace, aggression and short pitch deliveries may be better suited for test cricket, but he needs to understand the difference between test and ODI and concentrate on bowling a better line and length than just bowling as fast as possible.

June 28, 2008, 11:26 PM
IMO, Raqibul and Shahadat's improvement and continuing education are the key to our win chances in this years calender. I would like to see Rajib peaking around the time of the next world cup.

June 28, 2008, 11:52 PM
Interesting statistics on our 12 ODI centuries:
1999: 1- Mehrab Hossain (http://stats.cricinfo.com/statsguru/content/player/55970.html) - first century by any BD player in ODI
2005: 1- Mohammad Ashraful (http://stats.cricinfo.com/statsguru/content/player/55988.html) - second century by a BD player after 6 long years
2006: 4- Shahriar Nafees (http://stats.cricinfo.com/statsguru/content/player/56153.html) (3) and Rajin Saleh (http://stats.cricinfo.com/statsguru/content/player/56074.html) - All of them against minows
2007: 2- Shakib Al Hasan (http://stats.cricinfo.com/statsguru/content/player/56143.html) and Shahriar Nafees (http://stats.cricinfo.com/statsguru/content/player/56153.html) - Both against minows
2008(till now): 4- Shakib Al Hasan (http://stats.cricinfo.com/statsguru/content/player/56143.html), Tamim Iqbal (http://stats.cricinfo.com/statsguru/content/player/56194.html), Ashraful and Alok Kapali (http://stats.cricinfo.com/statsguru/content/player/56251.html) - Two of them are aginst top 8 (india and Pak)

Siddon's coaching has done some wonders in this prospect, isn't it?

al Furqaan
June 29, 2008, 12:13 AM
IMO, Raqibul and Shahadat's improvement and continuing education are the key to our win chances in this years calender. I would like to see Rajib peaking around the time of the next world cup.

in the grand scheme of things, ODI bowling is a small step. just 10 overs max, a few of which you will be throttled (slog overs). tests is where its at for bowlers and in that respect, shahadat has certain numbers that ishant sharma, chaminda vaas, fidel edwards, would envy.

can he keep it up? i think shahadat will be very hard pressed to keep his strike rate of 52 intact. i hope he settles in the high 50s for his career.

June 29, 2008, 10:25 PM
Tamim: He has now become more orthodox as an opener, playing with a straight bat most of the time. It's rare to see him going for wild cut shots nowadays. However, I strongly feel he needs to develop his pull shot, otherwise pacers will pester him with chest high deliveries on pitches that offer fair amount of bounce.

Shahriar: He is still being his old self. He is a strong back foot player against short pitched deliveries, but often gets in tangle against good length deliveries on off stump lines. Against such deliveries, he generally either stays stuck on his back foot or misjudges the line of the ball while attempting to play on his front foot.

Nazimuddin: Don't know what's up with this guy. When he bats, he looks desperate to connect the bat with ball, without any regard for playing proper shots or placement of the shot. I still believe he is a better batsman than what we have seen of him so far. He probably needs a lot of work on his fielding skills.

Ashraful: This guy is on a limbo. The coach wants him to cut down on aerial shots, but he has not yet mastered the art of playing shots along the ground. He is still a shaky starter as ever.

Rokibul: I wonder why a cool and compact batsman like him stopped being an opener. So far he is doing well as a middle order batsman, but I am not yet sure how well he will do against spinners (ones that actually turns the ball).

Mushfiq: He is too biased on front foot, has a dangerous tendency of driving at rising deliveries. He needs to improve his strike rate to fit better as a #7 batsman. He has shown improvement as a keeper lately.

Alok: Amazing, don't know how else to describe his last innings. Anyway, I have not seen enough of his batting yet, was not paying attention to his bowling either.

Mahmudullah: He has good techniques for a middle order batsman, but takes time to settle down. That means he won't fit well as a #7 batsman. He is most likely one to be left out when Sakib comes back.

As a bowler, he can produce decent offbreaks, but does not seem to have the heart or mind that is required for an offspinnner.

Farhad: I have not seen his batting lately, was not paying attention to his bowling either.

Abdur Razzak: Good to see he is turning the ball often nowadays. There was a period he was struggling with control over line & length, but that seems to be over now. My feeling is that batsmen around the world have studied him well by now, and we will see them coming after him more often. Raj also needs to study his opponents and figure out his plans against them (unfortunately we don't have anyone in the team to help him here).

Mashrafe: Good to see he has now developed a well disguised slower delivery and can cut the ball well. However, he is not producing much swing/seam movement nowadays, has very much turned into a line & length bowler.

Shahadat: He is still struggling with control over l&l, but good to see he is bowling good length deliveries more often now. When he hits right areas, he can get the ball swing more than other Bangladeshi pacers can. It's also pleasing to see he is now using his full height and producing better bounce from the pitch. My feeling is that he will do much better as an ODI bowler when we play on sporting pitches.

June 29, 2008, 11:03 PM
just one word. wow.
great analyzing by al Furqan, bd champ20, hatebreed and Ehsen. i really enjoyed your analysis.

want to see more post and more analyzing without thrashing player . really enjoyed reading this thread.

June 30, 2008, 04:01 AM
just one word. wow.
great analyzing by al Furqan, bd champ20, hatebreed and Ehsen. i really enjoyed your analysis.

want to see more post and more analyzing without thrashing player . really enjoyed reading this thread.

Likewise... except that i didnt like the analysis on Mahmudullah so far. Needless to say he has become one of my favourites, I really see this man as an awesome player. He keeps his strike rate high, and plays fantastic with singles and doubles alone. He gets off the mark pretty fast and continues well with singles and doubles throughout the time he is at the creace while finding the gaps. Decent offies, but I see great batting potential. Always supports the batsman at the other end as well, he avoids risky shots like many of our other batsmen (this is why some people dont notice his excellence). At a time of a batting collapse. He will be one of the few people alongside Sakib, who will be holding on to their wickets...

.... thats what i see in this man :)

June 30, 2008, 05:21 AM
geat analysis by all of u.. i dont need to say a thing!!