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September 20, 2008, 12:07 AM
The reality is BCB can not do what SLC did to reverse the ban and yet risk losing a few promising youngstars who will eventually replace Bashar and Rafique in Dhaka Warriers in years to come.

SLC could afford to lift the ban on its ICL players because their test status or ODI status is not under jeopardy like ours. BCCI needs BCB's unequivocal support in ICC's asian voting block and in return they will defend our test status ( I hope Tony Grieg & co. will not question our ODI status based on our dismal performance in Aus tour ... as ICL was definitely a distraction).

With the notable exception of Tamim Iqbal none of our players will be given an opportunity to play in IPL teams. They may be included in the squad but if 32 international stars are ready to compete for 4 places in each of the 8 IPL franchises, then Ashraful may not secure a game in the IPL. So does it mean our players like Ashraful, Tamim & Aftab will continue to miss out simply because they are not rated as highly in the international arena.

BCB can do one thing though ... they can talk to players like Aftab ( we badly need him back in our ODI team) and start to negotiate a deal. If Aftab is willing to share a portion of his ICL income with BCB (as BCB invested a lot of money in each o these 6 ICL players who are still contracted to BCB), then BCB can try to get him back by letting him play in ICL when there is not matches to be played for the national team. Cricket Australia did allow their players to take part in IPL for first few matches.

When Mohammad Yousuf wanted to play in the ICL many things were not clarified ( i.e. to what length BCCI was prepared to go to make life difficult for international players like Shane bond or any many SA players). PCB immediately got involved and ensured Yousuf wasnt lost. BCB still has plenty of time to secure Aftab (Kapali was an exciting prospect after his century against India). Dhiman's keeping was the best i have seen from any BD keeper in last few years. I think we have many batsmen in the fringes waiting for selection but none as fluent as Aftab and Kapali. We need to be prepared to give them (Imrul Kayes, Naeem) at least 10 ODI matches before they are settled. We dont have many fluent batsmen against fast bowling .. so Aftab will be fondly remembered.

Even if BCB wants to reverse the ban, can we guarantee to play in our ODIs and test matches not to be questioned about our test and perhaps ODI status ?

We dont have the depth of other countries to start losing players with routine regularity to tournaments like ICL. So we should be ready to bring back any of our top XI players and ignore the rest like Habibul Bashar who is past his prime as a batsman. BCCI offered to help but twenty 20 champions league and IPL is not the same thing. Can Dhaka Warriers make the top 8 in ICL ? We dont want to support the 9th ranked team ..

September 20, 2008, 03:36 AM
brother IPL and ICL is not same.....if a player join ICL they can't play international cricket during ICL. so, they have to play ICL

September 20, 2008, 07:04 AM
Thank you for your reply. As an avid follower of the game, i am aware of the difference between IPL and ICL. If a player is not banned by BCB, ICC does not have the jurisdiction to ban that player. Having said that though, BCB probably doesnt have the courage to reverse the ban on any ICL-bound cricketer but before ICL starts in next few weeks, can BCB do something to bring back Aftab. I dont think BD team has the depth to replace players like Aftab, Kapali and Dhiman ( not yet anyway). Rahim's keeping leaves a lot to be desired although he is a better batsman than Dhiman but i havent seen any BD player batting like Kapali did against India ? I am sure he is capable of producing something similar. Except Tamim Iqbal we dont have any international class batsman who can secure one of the 16 batting spots in IPL. Even tamim will need to show a bit more consistency before they consider him as an opener in the IPL. Ashraful is good and on his day he can produce a special innings but he is as unreliable as Afidi although his strokes are more orthodox ...