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October 18, 2008, 09:46 PM
The bad boys of BD cricket brought the Indian crowds to their feet with breathtaking innings in their recent match against Hyderabad Heroes that will remain in the minds of Indian spectators for a long long time.

It is unfortunate that despite their superlative knocks they ended up on the losing side

Kapali scored exactly 100 in 60 balls with 11 fours and 5 sixes(74 runs in 4 and 6’s)
and incredible SR of 166.68

Aftab’s cameo though short consisted of some breathtaking shots 24 runs in 11 balls with four 4’s and phenomenal SR of 218.18

.The First Video contains a song Tribute of Dhaka Warriors that shows all the team members and also that of Kiran More and Kapil Dev.

The second and third video Highlights displays how Kapali and Aftab mauled the opposition side

Watch out for Aftab’s Hindi - I can tell you looks impressive – Must have been inspired by the Charming Lady who interviewed ( LOL!)

Readers watch these MUST SEE Video Highlights

Here you go :

Tribute to Dhaka warriors

Kapali magic

Aftab Cameo

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Why not put it in ICL section, under 'Leagues & Tournament' ?

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