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October 30, 2008, 06:48 AM
Sunil Gavaskar has to be the most biased commentator ever. I thought he was biased when india played BD but i thought that was only because BD might be considered a 'lesser' country.

Gavaskar is not aware that there are any other countries that exist outside india. He even stated that all umpires are biased against india and that they never report 'white' players for misconduct or bad send-offs. Im sorry Sunil, you were a legend as a player, but as a commentator you are an embarasment to ur memory as a player.

October 30, 2008, 09:18 AM
"all" or "most"? "Never" or "majority of the time don't"?

He is all good if only those two words are changed.


As for his commentary against BD, I don't find anything out of context. He mentioned if I can remember just from the top of my head, that "morning show" or "evening show". I totally dig that. At that time HB and co. came and went as if they had a morning show to attend (cinema). Pure comedy. A farce display of test batting.

One last thing, if those were mentioned by any Bangladeshi fan, commentators that would have been "okay". Just because he is an Indian do not hate his message. He was speaking the truth at that time.

We all are biased to something ofcourse.

October 30, 2008, 12:10 PM
Gavaskar has been vocal about some biases against the Asian teams. Not just India. India, Pakistan, Srilanka and Bangladesh have consistently suffered biased decisions against Australia and England. Bangladesh is probably the least hit because Australia and England do not take you as a big threat. But the other three Asian test playing teams have suffered bad in the last few decades. I dont think Gavaskar is entirely wrong.

October 30, 2008, 12:27 PM
Sunny was the first subcontinental commentator whom I liked to listen. Then came Ravi and a few others. Truely he was a srtaight talker from the beginning and still he is. When tendulkar first came in it was he who was saying nonstop that he is a future legend. He is going to break a lots of records, even he told once that I guess he will make atleast 50 centuries...

Many criticizing him for being biased and laughed out at the century counts.. unfortunate for the critics, now we find that a reality. I like his sense of cricket.

He is a good and impartial analyst of the game. Recently he tries to talk a bit more in favour of indian players, and I think he is right in that as well, why not? look at india's performance in recent serieses, they are simply outstanding. Ausies are on the run at home and in India. They are also the current world champs in T20 wheather you like it or not.

Only if the people would hear the Indian commentators in late 70s & early 80s how blunt they were in criticizing the players. Gavaskar hasn't said anything wrong against BD I guess. Infact, he was willing to be a commentator in our first few matches, that way we were lucky and would probably benefit if we listen to him a bit more and follow his suggestions by heart. He is definitely one of my most favourite commentators.

We must take their criticisms positively, it's our good luck that they are pointing us some of our mistakes.

October 30, 2008, 04:27 PM
I have heard both sides of the argument.Personally I like his candid approach to things.Ofcourse he is biased towards Indians (who isnt to their home country) but also he is biased to the subcontinent players including Pakistan.He backed them during the '92 WC, backed Murali when he was called the chucker..the list goes on and on.

I am not sure if it is personal (may be something to do with his play days) but I hear delight in his voice when the Mighty Aussies fall.

His views towards BD ..well ,as others indicated he might have been critical to certain aspects of the game but I have never heard him generalize things like Tony Greig or Boycott.

All in all, I like his acumen and his insight to the game, especially batting and his guts to speak his mind.

Mind you, (atleast according to me) he is the best batsman (Post-war) the world has produced until Lara and Tendulkar came along.

October 30, 2008, 11:53 PM
I don't like how every bias is attributed to "racism". Get over it. Every bit of wrong lbw decision (even from a black guy like Bucknor) becomes racist decision if the batsman is darker than the bowler.

October 31, 2008, 12:17 AM
I don't like how every bias is attributed to "racism". Get over it. Every bit of wrong lbw decision (even from a black guy like Bucknor) becomes racist decision if the batsman is darker than the bowler.

Agree. But though Gavaskar often goes over the top often, he is more focused on Australia/England v India (and the rest of the subcontinent at times) more than color. His point generally is that what is right and wrong in the cricket field is defined in terms of what the west thinks about it. So it is alright to abuse the wife & mother of the opponent, but is not to call someone a monkey (in the subcontinent we think about it the other way) and so on. The subcontinental players also are expected to forget the abuse that the copped the moment they get out of the field.

A prediction that SMG made yesterday in the Gambhir's quarrels with Watson and Katich was that only one person is going to be punished for it :) He argued that time and again it is the person who reacts who is getting punished, and the person who provokes it escapes. Both of Gambhir's acts were in reaction to what Watson and Katich did. Hayden had been continually abusing the bowlers and fielders in the second innings of the second Test. The Sydney Test affair too was started by Symonds.