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December 5, 2003, 05:57 PM
First BD got black listed, and now, if this turns out true, things will really rought for Bangladeshis in US.


December 5, 2003, 06:05 PM
Can translate the above or just explain it it says in the news.Thanks

December 6, 2003, 08:21 AM
He said the men had been living in Bolivia for a year and that their work visas were up to date.

First thing in the morning I check BBC.
Then I have a cup of tea
Then I brush my teeth.
I recommend it to anyone.


Anyway, back to serious topic and my marxist rant for the day. These western countries can harp on this terrorism thing if they want but the truth is their society and future is downhill. Simply because of economic and demographic reality. They just won,t be able to get all their workers from an increasingly aged society, and France is at the top of the list. I would'nt be surprised if by 2070 their population is 45% North African. That's the real story of the world.
These Bangladeshis are just part of that trend - unstoppable Third World Migration to the Rich countries.

December 6, 2003, 10:12 AM
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