View Full Version : Fake IPL Play Rumblings: Rift Between McCullum and Buchanan, Buchanan wants Ganguly Dropped, Hussey in Next Match

May 9, 2009, 10:46 PM
Even if it's fiction, this guy is a great writer

Chikna Pussy joins us today. He is sure to make it straight to the batting line up. The top 4 batters will be foreign recruits. Which also means that there's still no place for Bangla and/or Junta. Phoren Babas’ rule continues.

As I mentioned earlier, Skipper seems to be taking charge now... Let's see where this takes us.

In Jo'burg now. The plot seems to be thickening. On the flight, Lordie, Bhookha and Skipper were sitting in different corners. No words exchanged between any of them. Bhookha and coach had another round of discussions with Dildo. Apparently, they tried to explain to Dildo how Lordie doesn't fit into the scheme of things anymore. The top four batters will be the phoren brigade, given that Pussy is now with us. And for lower order, we need guys who can run fast, take quick singles and twos. So, Bhookha is of the view that there's no place for Lordie.

but then things did get heated up a bit by the time the sun began to set. Post lunch, most of us were in and around the pool. 8 of the guys, including the skipper, were playing water polo, 4-a-side. Others, including Bhookha and some of his buddies, were sitting around drinking beer. When the guys called the water polo match off, the score read 11-11. Bhookha, in his warped sense of humour, remarked that even in this game we couldn't win. Skipper, who's been seething in anger for the last couple of days, quickly retorted saying, "We're lucky you aren't the coach here 'coz then we'd have definitely lost". Not sure whether that was really funny, but everyone in and around the pool broke out in loud laughter. Not just that, we were guffawing for a good 2 minutes. Bhookha's face, already tanned red, seemed to be turning into a strange shade of purple. For the first time, ignoring that team meeting (http://fakeiplplayer.blogspot.com/2009/04/battle-of-losers.html) where Skipper rooted for Style Bhai, the Skipper has shown that he's had enough of Bhookha. This one moment may prove to be a decisive moment in our failed IPL campaign. If I were to read too much into it, I think from now on the Skipper will run the ship.

I wonder what took Skipper so long. He didn't select this team. He didn't participate in the talent scout. He didn't decide the batting order. He didn't decide that Junta would bowl the Super Over. He didn't prefer the young Aussie over Bangla. He didn't have a problem with Style Bhai's attitude. And when the **** has hit the fan, he is the one cleaning up. He, along with Dildo, have become the faces of our miserable performance. Where's Bhookha, all this while? He is peacefully hiding behind the army of support staff he has collected for himself. And of course his laptop.


May 10, 2009, 01:17 PM
Like this guy said earlier, Lordie in not in the mood to clean up someone's sh!t.
Looks like skipper is warming up to Dildo, leaving Bukha unhappy.
Its slippery when wet, and somebody is about to stumble on to the guilottine.

May 11, 2009, 01:44 AM
[বাংলা]খেল জইমা গেছে...[/বাংলা];):lol:

May 11, 2009, 06:18 PM
His Bangla seems to be alright, although those might be the only Bangla sentences he knows.

Hulo, tor pode moolo ;-). Tor comment pode khoob bhalo laglo. Cheente perechish to?