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June 15, 2009, 12:44 PM
I put something similar out there once before and after some more thinking and revisions, here is a suggestion for ICC to adopt a shcedule for international cricket. Today the individual powerful boards (BCCI, CAB and ECB) get to pretty much dictate the way things should go.

This will give some stability back to the schedule and give some power back to ICC. It will also allow for significance to return to domestic tournaments and make international matches something 'special' with a purpose as opposed to random bi lateral series'.

Since its based on the home game concept, countries unable to adequately host (due to security or facilities) will have to arrange for their home games to played at an alternate location.

Below is a solution for a 3 year ICC cycle:

• Preserve all three formats: Tests, ODI, T20
• Preserve the core values of Test Cricket
o Test of skill
o Strategy plannings of declarations and follow ons
o Ability to bat out a draw
• Make all International matches Meaningful
• Allow growth of cricket by providing more countries with opportunities
• Provide schedules to be balanced across countries
• Allow countries to have domestic schedules (including IPL, P20 etc.) without a clustered international schedule
• Advanced schedule allows for better planning

Schedules: Years 1 & 2

Test Cricket

1. Create divisions based on current rankings:
a. Division 1 : AUS, SA, IND, ENG, SL
b. Division 2 : PAK, WI, NZ, BAN, ZIM
c. Division 3 : IRE, CAN, KEN, SCO, NED,
2. In a two year period (2012 & 2013) Each team plays home and away 3 game series within division
3. Each team gets 24 games in 2 year period with 12 home and 12 away (2 home and 2 away series annually)

ODI Cricket

Create 4 groups with 5 teams each

1. Each group will have 3 ranked nations (AUS, SA, IND, PAK, ENG, WI, NZ, SL, BAN, ZIM, KEN, IRE) and 2 other associates (SCO, NED, AFG, UAE, NAM etc.)
2. In a two year period each team plays each other 8 times (4 home, 4 away, 16 games annually)
3. Top four in each group to qualify for the World cup

T20 Cricket

Create 4 groups with 5 teams each

1. Each group will have 3 ranked nations (AUS, SA, IND, PAK, ENG, WI, NZ, SL, BAN, ZIM, KEN, IRE) and 2 other associates (SCO, NED, AFG, UAE etc.)
2. In a two year period each team plays each other 8 times (4 home, 4 away, 16 games annually)
3. Top three in each group to qualify for the World cup


Every country plays 12 test matches, 16 ODI and 16 T20 internationals a year for a total of 80 days of playtime (Tests will be four days – see later).

In Tests, the #5 teams in Div 1 & 2 are demoted to the next division. The champions in Div 2 and Div 3 are promoted to the one above. The runners up in DIV 2 and DIV 3 get a shot at a 5 test series against the number 4 from DIV 1 and DIV 2 for promotion/demotion respectively. The number 4 teams from the higher division get home field in a 2-2-1 format with only the necessary number of games being played. The top two teams from DIV 1 will play a 5 game series in the same format above for the Test championship.

In ODIs, 16 teams will have qualified for the World cup and in T20s, 12 teams will have qualified for the World cup.

Schedule: Year 3

Test Cricket

1. Test Championship between top 2 teams in DIV 1
2. Relegation matches between
a. DIV 1 #4 vs. DIV 2 #2
b. DIV 2 #4 vs. DIV 3 #2

If individual boards want to schedule matches outside of the test tournament they can do so this year (such as the Ashes).

ODI Cricket

World Cup Stage 1: 4th place group finishers from qualifiers play each other and top 2 teams advance

World Cup Stage 2: 14 teams split to groups of 7 for round robin league

World Cup Elimination Stage: QF, SF, F involving top 4 finishers of each group (A1-B4, A3-B2, B1-A4, B3-A2)

T20 Cricket

Full league between 12 qualified teams in 2 groups of 6
SF and Finals involving top 2 finishers in each group


Everything comes full circle with all three championships being decided in same year. (Imagine a country going for a triple crown). Very limited Tests so domestic leagues can focus on first class cricket preparing players for the next three two year cycle.

Rule changes to Test Cricket to make the Championship work

1. Create a point system:
a. 3 for a win
b. 1 for a draw/NR
c. If multiple teams are tied at end of FTP with points separate by
i. Head to head points
ii. Number of wins
iii. Points vs. top team excluding the teams involved
iv. 1st inning net
v. Fewer wickets lost
vi. Coin toss
d. The above forces all games to be competitive
2. Restrict innings/overs
a. 80 overs per innings per day
b. In order to win you must capture all wickets of the opponents 2nd innings. If team can complete 2nd innings without losing all wickets they can secure the draw
c. Declarations allowed
i. 1st innings declaration : batting side can use remaining overs and wickets in their next innings
ii. 2nd innings declaration : Remaining overs can be used to try to capture the wickets of the opponent’s 2nd innings
d. If a team loses all its wickets the other team can use the remaining overs for their next innings
e. Follow on can be enforced based on a difference of 150 runs
3. 4 day game but 5th day scheduled as backup for bad weather etc.
a. Game can be proportionally shortened depending on situation

June 15, 2009, 12:49 PM
There's already a Test championship talk on the table. ICC is currently working on that. I hope they do it soon.

June 15, 2009, 12:54 PM
seeing how things work at ICC, it will most likely turn out to be unfair schedules with rankings instead of a 'balanced' tournament.

June 16, 2009, 12:30 AM
Hope ICC will read this thread.

al Furqaan
June 16, 2009, 09:05 AM
agree with everything, though i don't favor "relegations"...there should only be promotions, not relegations...thats such a regressionary idea.