View Full Version : Betting on cricket: Ind underworld - 70 Million+ USD only on Oval test

August 20, 2009, 11:15 AM

Mind boggling!! First I thought it was a bogus report. But then .... Read through the details numbers.

If Oval test can fetch this unbelievable sum of amount imagine what IPL will attract in years to come.

I had a specific reason to post this news. Since we are bikkering on IPL and BD players in it in the BD cricket section I thought this is very relative and alarming news. I know authorities will be trying their best to curve this but seriously, with amount of Money involved I fear for the players (all nations). I pray all players involved stay away from any type of bettings.

One more reason to protect our players from even getting a chance to be corrupted. Any bad performance and people will label "Poisha gaisey". That is how we subcontinent people are. Always jumping in to a conclusion without facts. I personally hope Shakib gets shafted again.