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December 30, 2003, 11:18 PM
Any thoughts on this news item ?

December 31, 2003, 12:46 AM
There's not much news other than the plane being overweight.

Lebanese Foreign Minister Jean Obeid, who headed an official delegation to Benin following the crash, said on his return to Beirut on Sunday that "preliminary information indicated there was an excess number of passengers and a great excess of luggage. ... The plane could not take off".


The impoverished west African state has neither the technology nor the expertise to carry out the black-box analysis itself and asked for assistance from France, the source said.

January 1, 2004, 04:48 PM
Any thoughts still......

c'mon boyz, even Ms. Hasina expressed her condolences...y'all patriots up you ante on this news !!

Yeah, we need these guys more back home than elsewhere, to fight the CHT terrorists, and the like minded cross-border terrorists apprehended in Sylhet.

Ooops, hope I didn't annoy any lurking Socialist here.

January 2, 2004, 12:59 PM
A distant relative of mine was one of the peacekeeper involved in the crash. He left a wife and a one year old son. If the crash becasue of excess luggage and or excess passengers it would be a crying shame. My sympathies to all those who lost their loved ones.