View Full Version : ICC mulls use of 2 new balls in ODI innings

December 6, 2009, 05:43 PM

Karachi: The ICC Cricket Committee has discussed in earnest the proposal to use two new balls in each innings of 50-over internationals and some other revolutionary measures to enhance interest in limited overs cricket.

A senior official of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) said that there were discussions on allowing the use of two cricket balls in one innings of an ODI so that bowlers could get more support and batting quality would also enhance.

He said one of the other proposal was to increase the quota of overs from the existing 10 overs for two or three mainline bowlers of a team. At present, each bowler can bowl a maximum of 10-overs in an ODI.

"But these are all just proposals and need to be discussed further by the chief executives committee and also the executive board. However, everyone agrees that measures should be taken to make ODIs more interesting," the official said.

He said PCB was considering the option of implementing the use of two cricket balls in one innings and increasing quota of overs for main bowlers in their domestic one-day championship.

"But the Chairman of the board will have the final say in the matter as and when we can experiment with these proposals.

The official disclosed that the cricket committee also discussed about having Test matches under floodlights by using pink balls.

"But there are some issues related to the pink ball and some countries have given orders to their cricket ball manufacturers to provide them with pink balls, so that they can experiment with them at the domestic level first and report back to the ICC," the official added.