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January 11, 2004, 02:15 PM
The international circuit seems to have no beginning and no end in sight. I am tired of watching minnows like Bangladesh/Zimbabwe are thrashed by big daddies like Aussie/South Africa. You may arguably defend them like "they are still in a learning process" or "the more they play against those giants the more they will develop" etc. But for how long should we wait untill our beloved Bangladesh earns her first test victory? I even don't see any point for BD to play against Aussie in both versions of cricket since they have such big big big difference in terms of cricketing ability!

One solution that would prevent Australia from having to prove its manhood against Bangladesh (in Bangladesh) would be to have a two-tiered system:

Tier 1 (First Division, if you like) :

1. Australia

2. South Africa

3. Pakistan

4. England

5. India

Tier 2 (Second Division) :

1. New Zealand

2. Sri lanka

3. West Indies

4. Zimbabwe

5. Bangladesh

League :

1. Kenya

2. Scotland

3. Ireland

4. Holland

5. Namibia

6. Canada

Teams only play other teams in their division. Every year the top team in Tier 2 and League get promoted. The bottom teams drop down a level.

By the way, to avoid confusion of this polling position, the tables have been compiled based upon current ICC ranking.

This would cut down the amount of meaningless cricket played.

Any comment?

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January 11, 2004, 09:01 PM
First to of all it is not the ICC's role to ensure that everyone who requests and is granted test status, is guaranteed a 'victory' in reasonable time. Should "Big Daddys" like Aussie/South Africa wish to oblige out of compassion- that is their affair.

Second, it is Australia's right to demolish any team who chooses to play them within the rules of the game:

One solution that would prevent Australia from having to prove its manhood against Bangladesh (in Bangladesh) would be

Though unintentional I'm sure, it appears that the 'Big Daddy' Aussies who are reluctantly forced to 'prove their manhood' time and again, suffer from some sort of Napoleonic, unresolved oedipus complex... This really can't be true, because reading Habibul fan's numerous posts, I think the Aussies really are quite reasonable, knowledgeable, fair-minded and balanced folks.

No one forced Bangladesh to 'accept' test status. The BD test team will record it's victories in due course.